Presidents Cup Marred by Controversy…Or Is It?

The Presidents Cup matches start tomorrow and I am not surprised that it is not garnering as much attention in Canada as other competitions. Yes, it is going to be exciting on a certain level, but not that of say the Ryder Cup or a Major. Nonetheless, it is something that we golfers in the northern climes appreciate a bit more than just a regular tournament. However, has Patrick Reed’s antics at the Hero Challenged Marred the good spirit of competition this year in Melbourne?

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Past Ryder Cup Magic

The 42nd Ryder Cup is just over two weeks away. The US and European teams will descend on the Albatros Course of Le Golf National in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France from 28–30 September 2018. If this year’s action emulates the 2016 matches in any way, it is going to be a very exciting few days!  Continue reading

The 2018 Masters – My Final Thoughts

For four days, I was captivate by the stellar play at The Masters. Everyday provided something fun and interesting to talk about regardless of who you were cheering for. I could go on and on about specific shots, but I noticed something that was completely the same regardless of the player, score, or location on the course. It is not something I ever really noticed before, but I can assure you that every professional golfer does the same thing; I wonder if they teach this habit at pro-school or something and professional golfers have to master it before being invited to the PGA Tour? Continue reading

The 2108 Masters – What a Finish!

Congratulations to Patrick Reed for winning The 2018 Masters and his first Major. At the beginning of the day, I had predicted he would not shoot very low and his lead was poach-able. However, I did not see Rickie Fowler or Jordan Spieth making the run they did forcing Reed to be clutch down the stretch. I have to say, this was one of the most exciting Sunday I have see at The Masters for Years! Continue reading

The Masters – Day 3 Was All About 65, 65, 65

What a crazy Day 3 at the Masters! I would never have guessed the outcome of Moving Day, but I did call the final pairing of Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy on Sunday. But, before we get to the discussion about this epic battle, I have to say that the number of low scores (65, 65, 65) was unexpected or was it? Continue reading