Golf for Golf’s Sake

I am not sure why many fans of golf originally gravitated towards the sport. I am confident that what ever reason brought someone over is as unique as a snowflake. In the modern day of social media, instant news, and a constant barrage of useless information, creating drama seems to be quickly becoming a method to garner interest (regardless of how fleeting) It seems that controversy sells and positive deeds are overlooked in many cases. As a person who reads and writes about about golf, I am not sure that the path fame in the golfing world is paved by constantly talking about contentious topics. Does creating drama actually draw new viewers to golf or does it turn off the people who are already tuned in?

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Do You Trash Talk Playing Golf?

I am not 100% certain that golfers do much trash talking. I understand we do poke fun during a friendly, however I am not so sure that it is acceptable to taunt your opponent during a tournament. I can say without hesitation that it has never happened during any group I played in during competition. Having said that, there does seem to be instances where trash talking / taunting is all part of the show.

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Turning A Blind Eye To Rules Infractions

I have played thousands of rounds of golf. I generally do not focus on what my playing partner is doing unless we are in a competition. If a players wants to bend the rules so they can enjoy their round, who am I to douse their flame of enjoyment. And like all amateur golfers, I have stretched the rules from time to time while playing a friendly. In the big scheme of things, I do not think it is a big deal……unless you are in a competition! Then we play straight up with no exceptions!

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Presidents Cup Marred by Controversy…Or Is It?

The Presidents Cup matches start tomorrow and I am not surprised that it is not garnering as much attention in Canada as other competitions. Yes, it is going to be exciting on a certain level, but not that of say the Ryder Cup or a Major. Nonetheless, it is something that we golfers in the northern climes appreciate a bit more than just a regular tournament. However, has Patrick Reed’s antics at the Hero Challenged Marred the good spirit of competition this year in Melbourne?

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Past Ryder Cup Magic

The 42nd Ryder Cup is just over two weeks away. The US and European teams will descend on the Albatros Course of Le Golf National in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France from 28–30 September 2018. If this year’s action emulates the 2016 matches in any way, it is going to be a very exciting few days!  Continue reading