How Long Can You Hit Golf Balls When Practicing

Practicing our golf swing by hitting balls is fundamental to building a strong foundation. In very short time, I can pound out 25 or a 50 balls and still be able to play a round of golf. But, those balls (pre-round) are more of a warm up and not really designed to improve my game. When practicing, I take a more cerebral approach than just banging out golf balls.

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The Biggest Stroke Saver In Golf

How often can the topic of saving strokes be covered? I realize that many pundits are trying to find, develop, and sell the next best thing to quickly lower your golf score. I understand that some training aids are helpful (I have a few my self) however, to ensure you are focused on the proper area for your game, there is one rule of thumb every aspiring golfer should follow. And I mean every golfer!

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Trying The High Risk Shot In Golf

Every golfer has played themselves into a position where a high risk shot is needed. Whether we are in a tournament or having a great round, sometimes that impossible shot is placed right before us and it cannot be ignored. This happened to me a few rounds ago and I decided to make the high risk shot instead of playing it smart. Well, it took two tries, but I made it!

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Breaking 70 in the 2020 Golf Season

Regardless of your abilities, I think every golfer has a target score they want to achieve. They might not want to opening express their goal, but even in the back of their mind it is there. This year, I am taking a stand to break 70. This will be two under par at Osprey Links, but I think I have the game to do it. I think it is important to set goals it is time to get back into the swing of doing just that!

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Golf Drill: Short Side Chipping

Golf is a funny game. The more we want to succeed, the more challenging it becomes. There are many approaches to improving our games, so I have decided to take a proactive approach this year and practice areas I know will offer the most benefit to my goal of being a scratch golfer. These practice sessions are not a result of poor play (although I do make minor adjustments when things are not going well), but in areas that I know I need to strengthen.

Yesterday, I went to my local practice area to work on my short side chipping. As a benchmark, I consider anything under 10 yards to be the short side. My reasoning is that a delicate chip shot (closer than 10 yards) is required at least once a round. It is a shot I need to perfect to make sure my up and down percentage remains high and my scores go low. Continue reading