How Long Can You Hit Golf Balls When Practicing

Practicing our golf swing by hitting balls is fundamental to building a strong foundation. In very short time, I can pound out 25 or a 50 balls and still be able to play a round of golf. But, those balls (pre-round) are more of a warm up and not really designed to improve my game. When practicing, I take a more cerebral approach than just banging out golf balls.

Given that my next six months will be spent hitting balls into a net, I have to temper the amount time I spend practicing. Last year, I found that I could hit about 25 to 30 balls before I noticed a slight degradation in my hitting ability. The amount of time it takes to hit these shots varies. If I remember correctly, it took about 30 seconds to 45 seconds per shot. So, approximately 25 minutes.

That was about the right amount of time to gain the full benefit from my practice. I have to thing about the long haul for practice this year. I am not sure if I will hit the same number of balls because I will have to see how I feel. Additionally, my DIY net is in my garage and some days it gets very cool; this will have an impact on the amount of time I spend hitting balls as well.

One of the things I do like to do is hit about 5 or 10 balls; take a break and set up my chipping area. Then after that for a few minutes, I will hit another 5 or 10 more balls. I can do this several times over the space of a few hours in my garage; but again, it will depend how I feel and hitting conditions.

The important aspect of setting up my hitting net is to work on my swing and to keep it somewhat in tune for the next season. Because I have six months to practice, I do not feel that I need to press my practice time so I loose the value of hitting quality golf balls.

Do you have point where you lose the quality in your practice?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “How Long Can You Hit Golf Balls When Practicing

  1. Jim, 50 is the perfect number for me. Last time I tried 100, I couldn’t finish and think the point of diminishing returns was about 65. When I do a full game practice, I’ll start with two or three dozen chips and pitches and then add the 50. Chipping and pitching doesn’t seem to fatigue me. I’ll putt last and want to reserve enough energy so my lower back isn’t tightening up when I lean over a stroke.



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  2. Hitting quality golf shots. That is the key isn’t it. Our bodies and minds impose limits on us as sure as the weather does. And I think we are better off when we pay attention to them. Pushing the limits for me tends to do more harm to my swing than good.

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