Golf Sponsor Exemptions for Celebrities: Pro or Con?

The topic of sponsor exemptions for celebrities has bounced around as a semi-hot subject. I am not inferring that PRO-AMs are a bad thing, in fact I enjoy watching some of the antics by various celebrities. However, these events are set up this way and all the fans understand that this is not a regular event like all other professional golf tournaments. Personally, I not a fan of celebrities being given a sponsor exemption to play with the pros. And it appears I am in the majority on this topic.

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Watching a Major On TV

I should not be surprised by the response to my question a couple of days ago. Most respondents prefer to watch a golf Major from the comfort of their own home. I cannot say I blame them because I would fall in the same category. However, it is unfair for me to actually make that call since I have never experienced being at any professional golf tournament live. But, I guess I can only imagine that being home offers a better opportunity to see all the action.

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Now This Is Why We Love Golf

Golf is a crazy game. If you have played this wonderful sport for any length of time, you will have experienced roller coaster action that sets your head in a tail spin. Alex Noren, at the 17 hole at Hero World Challenge, proved that professional golfers are subject to the same fate as amateurs. Continue reading

The Wrap Around PGA Tour

It seems like last weekend that the golfing world took a collective sigh as the season came to an end. I realize that the Ryder Cup is not part of the PGA Tour, but it is a large enough event where it captured the attention of all golfers. Now, we turn our eyes to the 2018/2019 professional season with the Safeway Open. Yup, I am not kidding, the professional golf season starts tomorrow! Continue reading

Sponsor Exempt Player Shoots 54 Over Par

I am sure you read the articles regarding Julio “The Machine” Bell, (self-proclaimed) who received a sponsor’s exempt position for a Tour event and shot 93-105. Of course he missed the cut, however the plethora of remarks from the golfing world sparked my desire to comment.

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