Jumping On The Golf Bandwagon

Are you the type of sports fan who gets tired from jumping on and off the bandwagon. Do you shift your allegiance from one team to another depending on who is playing well at the time. I ask this question for a friend 😉 All joking aside, this is a favourite sport of many armchair athletes because the have a compulsion to be on the winning side. I have never felt that way, but from time to time will adjust the size of my cheerleading circle as I lose interest in the success of a player. I consider it an evolution in my support that happens slowly. How about you?

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you will find that I have always been a Freddie Couples and Phil Mickelson fan. I like their games and find the exploits on the golf course fun to watch. I have never been a Tiger Woods fan, although I do respect is game and think is the second best player of all time (Jack Nicklaus being the first). A few other players have briefly entered my sphere of interest, but for the most part their time is brief. I do however, fully support one group of players without question and fully endorse their play during any tournament!

If you are a Canadian golfer playing in a televised tournament, I will cheer for you. I do not care if you are male or female, I will support your because you are Canadian. I realize that by doing so, I may not see many Canadians at the top of the leaderboard, but my support for them is unwavering. Here is a recent list of professional Canadian golfers:


Mackenzie Hughes49Brooke Henderson6
Corey Conners54Alena Sharp105
Adam Hadwin80Anne-Catherine Tanguay391
Taylor Pendrith129Maddie Szeryk528
Nick Taylor135Maude-Aimee LeBlanc550
Richard T. Lee311 Brittany Marchand659
Roger Sloan351Jaclyn Lee793
Aaron Cockerill372Augusta James931
Michael Gligic445Rebecca-Lee Bentham1134
David Hearn451Robyn Doig1211
Source: TSN article date 11 Jan 2021 – https://www.tsn.ca/canadian-golf-rankings-2016-final-1.113271

Cheering for Canadian golfers is one bandwagon I always stay on; the names may change, but the group remains embedded in my cheering circle. Being a professional golfer is very difficult and to make it anywhere in the world rankings is an awesome thing. Therefore, I will always cheer for the Canadian in the field because they have earned it.

How do you pick the golfer you support? Do you have any criteria that they must follow?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Jumping On The Golf Bandwagon

    • Brian,

      Great question! I would say that Brooke Henderson or Mike Weir are the two greatest of all time. Henderson will continue to outstretch Weir because she has lots of golf left. Then there is Moe Norman (considered to be the greatest ball striker of all time), George Knudson, and Lori Kane. The interesting aspect of your question is that the the list is a strong mix of players to make the GOAT list from both the PGA and LPGA Tours. Lastly, in 1904 George Lyon won the gold medal in the individual event; so he should be on the list in my opinion.

      Cheers Jim

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  1. I don’t do the whole sports worship thing. The only sport I watch is golf and that’s only because I need to see how my betters do it, and frankly it’s been more nap time than studying even still.

    That said, I cheer for Canadians all the time. You guys keep coming down here and letting me win. You’re my kind of people. 😂


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