Dropping In Golf’s World Ranking

I debated about writing this article because it is so subjective that I was not sure I had a defined point of view. As I plunk away at the keyboard, I muse about if dropping in the world ranking is really a valuable subject or not. After some deliberation, I decided to give this topic a try and see where we end up. If you are wondering what sparked my sudden interest in golf’s world ranking (which I normally do not focus too much attention on), well I read that Phil Mickelson dropped to 101 and Rory McIlroy dropped to 11 in the world rankings. Neither of these players slide is surprising or is it?

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Jumping On The Golf Bandwagon

Are you the type of sports fan who gets tired from jumping on and off the bandwagon. Do you shift your allegiance from one team to another depending on who is playing well at the time. I ask this question for a friend 😉 All joking aside, this is a favourite sport of many armchair athletes because the have a compulsion to be on the winning side. I have never felt that way, but from time to time will adjust the size of my cheerleading circle as I lose interest in the success of a player. I consider it an evolution in my support that happens slowly. How about you?

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Can Anyone Stop Dustin Johnson

The long hitting Dustin Johnson seems poised to stay on top of the golfing world for quite some time. His win yesterday at the WC Match Play Championship was a clinic for anyone and demonstrated his dominance on the links. As he continues to cement his position atop of the world golf rankings, I notice that some pundits are wondering if anyone will be able to beat him at the Masters! Considering the way he is play of late, they might be right. Continue reading

Jumping on Golf’s Bandwagon

Part of any golfer’s off-season training program includes jumping on and off golf’s bandwagon. That 2 or 3 foot jump in the air builds muscles, dexterity, and coordinated movements needed to a great golf swing. The only hazard to this exercise is falling short on the jump and driving your body into the lip of the bed of the wagon. It smarts like heck, but most avid players shake it off and continue with their training.

Personally, I have never been a fan of jumping on and off the bandwagon. I find it generally creates discourse in my attitude towards the game. One week cheering for a player, then the next week saying that you say their demise coming seems a bit fishy to me. However, this is a favorite sport of the golf media and I am not convinced it achieves the goal they expect. Continue reading

Phil Mickelson Makes a Change

It is no secret that I am a fan of Phil Mickelson. I have always felt that his style of play was something I would like to emulate. Of course, without the skill it is very difficult, but heck it is worth a try.

The recent announcement of Phil Mickelson separating from his long-time swing coach Butch Harmon really comes as no surprise. Mickelson has struggled over the past few years and with only a few exceptions has not played to his potential.

Given Mickelson’s competitive spirit I would suggest that this parting is happening a year too late. It is not that Harmon has failed to help Mickelson or that Harmon’s teachings were not spot on, it is a matter of ‘time to move on”!

Both Mickelson and Harmon seem to be splitting amicably. And after 8 years, they both understand that it is time for a change.

“I’ve learned a great deal from him in our eight years together,” Mickelson said in a statement released to media. “It’s just that at the moment I need to hear new ideas from a different perspective.” Mickelson added, “Butch is one of the great teachers in the history of the game, and I believe he deserves to be in the World Golf Hall of Fame.”

“Helping him win the Open Championship in 2013 was one of the pinnacles of my career,” Harmon said through Mickelson’s representatives in the statement, which was initially released to Golf.com. “I see nothing wrong with him seeking advice from another source. We’re great friends and always will be.”

There is a bit of speculation about who Lefty’s new swing coach will be, but right now, it does not matter. Mickelson has decided it was time for a change and I completely agree. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” (Henry Ford)

Phil Mickelson has made the first step towards winning on Tour in 2016! Lefty likely hopes that this fundamental change to his support group will result in something great. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing “Phil the Thrill” back in the winner’s circle and completing his career grand slam.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!