A Round Of Golf When Nothing Happens

Have you ever played a round of golf where nothing of interest every happens? You know, the rounds when you are hitting the ball okay, chipping, okay and putting okay. Your scoring is average and not matter what your thought processes are, no magic rears its head to be marveled at. It is a bland round and mentally, there is nothing you can do to prevent this mediocre round for unfolding any differently. It is as if you might as well as stayed home and cut the grass.

Fortunately, very few of these rounds happen over the course of my golf season. Usually during a round, several highlights (good and bad) add flavour to my round that anchors the conversation later in the or after the round. A great bounce, strong shot, or long putt are common themes. At least during my games something like this will happen to make my round a bit memorable.

As I said earlier, a couple rounds a year like I described above happens to my chagrin. I remember one time last year where this type of round was unfolding and as I played through the humdrum round, I realized after 18 holes that I played very well. Here is how it unfolded:

Osprey Links 15th hole.

17 pars and 1 bogey. Now, this type of scoring produces a score of 72 on my home course at Osprey Links. However, during my round I was plagued with melancholy emotions because I could not get a birdie on the board. No matter what I tried, par seemed to be the score of choice that day. After 14 straight pars, I shot a bogey on the short par 3, 15th hole. This sparked a bit of frustration, but did nothing to spark any type of mental fires that made me realize I had a great score going on.

It seemed that during the first 2.5 hours of play, I was going through the motions with no real signs of my round unfolding into something great. It was as if was playing in a fog of “meh”. Well, after the bogey, I actually looked at the scorecard a realized that I had a great score going. Guess what? That did not change me mentally or physically. I just kept playing with no real intent of doing anything great.

After the round, I was very pleased about the score. I, of course, went through the litany of shots where I could have shaved off a few strokes. I talked about how my round could have been under par, yet I still felt laissez faire about the whole round. I hopped in my car after saying goodbye to my friends and drove home. I actually never game my round another thought until today. Funny, I would have thought I would have recalled it more considering the score.

Golf is a funny game. To be success (most of the time) we need to be engaged in the process of playing golf. To wander aimlessly through a round generally leads to poor golf scores, lack of enthusiasm for the round, or any highlights worth recounting is a disappointing waste of time. As I patiently wait for 15 April to arrive, I will make a point of working on my mental preparation for the upcoming golf season. The stronger mentally I play, the less likely a “ho hum” round will rear its ugly head.

Have you ever played a round of golf where everything just seemed blah?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “A Round Of Golf When Nothing Happens

  1. I’m not personally familiar with boring golf. I’ve seen it in action, but not coming from me. If a round isn’t full of ups and downs, I didn’t play it.

    The course I chose to play today I chose because of it’s practice facilities, not it’s ease of play. It is a fairly easy course, but not for me because the greens there fool me constantly. The white tee box plays 6112 yards. The rating/slope is 68.3/113 so not the toughest course out there. The fairways are wide with little to worry about. And the longest par 3 holes are only about 180 again with little to worry about unless you really blow it. But those greens get me every time. They look no harder than any other green. But they fool me every time I play there and have for decades now.

    Today I decided to be more aggressive and give that a try. I stuck with it, but it wasn’t the right idea. I had one and only one bogie today caused my failures from off the green, but my putting cost me three doubles and another bogie. My wedges though got back three of them. I hit the flag three times today. Twice from 50 with the pw and once from 30 with my 50 degree.

    It’s a shame though. After a good hour and a half to get warmed up on the range my game other than my putting was some of my best. I won’t complain about shooting a 77 there anytime, but today felt more like a let down than a win. When you’re driving well, hitting every club in the bag well, being let down on the greens is a drag. That said, I wouldn’t have spent my 61st birthday any other way. It was beautiful out on the course. The company was great and all good golfers. 3 of the 4 of us were seniors walking and we still were waiting on the tee box for the threesome no young men ahead of us. I didn’t expect that at all. The oldest in our group was 80. He looked just like Gary Player. And he played really well. A little shorter than us of course thanks to his age, but that boring golf you speak of is something I think he’s capable of. He came close today.


  2. I often hope for a Bland round that you describe! I have more not-so-great highlight reels than great memories, however Bland is great! I’ll keep the duck comfortable until the spring when I arrive Ottawa. Kirk


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