Trip Down Memory Lane – 17th Hole Oyster Bay Golf Links

In the early 90s, my darling wife sent me on a golf trip to Myrtle Beach. One of the course I played was the Oyster Bay Golf Links Course. It was an great track and well worth the price of admission. The one hole that sticks out in my mind, even today, is the 17th hole island green. It was picturesque, challenging, and challenging. No, that was not a typo, let me explain.

There are several reasons why I remember this hole. The first is that it was an island green, as you can see in the picture, and the white border around the green next to the water is actual oyster shells. Yup, I could not believe it at the time, but oyster shells they are. I can say without hesitation that your golf ball hitting the oyster shells reacts exactly like rock; the bounce is amazing.

I decided to play this hole from the tips. It was 165 yards, there was no wind, but it was cooler temperatures as I played this course in February. My partner and I were the only players in the vicinity of the 7th hole, so we decided to keep hitting balls until we had on stay on the green.

I was very fortunate because after my 13th ball, I got one to stick. Yes, you read that number properly, it to me 14 tries to get a ball to stay on the green. The first half dozen were short. The next bunch hit hard and rolled off the green. The 12th ball hit the oyster shells right of the green and flew a great distance into the water. The 13th ball hit pin hit and bounce off the back of the green into the water. (I was really disappointed about that one) My 14th ball hit on the front of the green and rolled to back area, but stayed on the putting surface.

After a smooth two putt, I walked off the green with a par! Okay not really, but I need to say that for my ego. I remember this hole like it was yesterday. I used anything from a 4 iron to an 8 iron. The club that finally worked was my 6 iron (not surprisingly). I do remember laughing after the third ball and shouting with elation when I finally hit a ball on the green. As a matter of fact, I am smiling about that hole as I write this trip down memory lane.

If you are wondering what sparked my sudden recollection, watch this video below:

I stumbled across this video by Brian Penn from All About Golf. As soon as I saw this hole, my memories of my experience on this fun hole flooded my mind. Thanks Brian, I needed the laugh. Oh yeah, great swing my friend.

Have you ever played the 17th hole at Oyster Bay in Myrtle Beach?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Trip Down Memory Lane – 17th Hole Oyster Bay Golf Links

  1. Jim, your Tin Cup story is hilarious. Hope those weren’t new balls you were donating! Oyster Bay is one of my favorite plays in Myrtle Beach. Probably been through half a dozen times and that swing video you found was on my best day, and I think led to a birdie.

    On my summer trip in 2018 we found all the winter kill on the Bermuda greens in Myrtle Beach. Oyster Bay was severely affected. Here’s a pic of the practice green: In September of 2020, I was down and played at Myrtle Beach National, which had also been affected, but thankfully the courses have all recovered.

    Thanks for the mention!


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    • Brian,

      They were not new golf balls for sure. I remember stopping twice at the discount golf store, cannot remember the name, to pick up golf balls. They were very inexpensive. I looked at your picture, yeah that is a whole lot of damage for sure. I have not been back to Myrtle Beach since my first trip and if I did, I would go back to Oyster Bay just to play the 17th hole.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. Oyster shells are dangerous things. On the golf course or in the water I wouldn’t want to mess with them. I’ve seen a few people fall into oyster beds when I was a young man just married, new house and working on a crew that built docks and seawalls to pay the bills. Those things cut deep.

    But they do make for a nice bright border around the green. Even the camera had trouble from the glare in the video. I wonder if the no glare coating my glasses would compensate?

    Not sure how well I’d play it from 165. There are two holes here at that distance. I’ve been pretty good at flag hunting on them most days, but today I’d have been wet for sure. I pushed dead right both times today bad enough to have missed that green at Oyster Bay entirely. Thankfully, mine aren’t so penal and I got my pars both times though one took an especially tough shot to get one close and my putter had to come to the rescue.

    I looked at their website and that’s a pretty course.

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