Forget What You Know About Golf – There Is No Right Answer!

Have you ever thought that you have the answer to your golfing woes just to find out that you were way off base. I cannot count the number of times I thought I had solved my problems only to realize that I was heading down the wrong path. Yet, I have an unwavering desire to keep following what I think is the right path. And for those who do not thing how we go about finding the right path are likely wandering aimlessly in an endless golf hazard.

Legendary Golf Quotes on Success | Professional Golfers Career College

What strikes me most about Old Tom Morris’ statement is that we need to set goals and follow a process that helps us accomplish those goals.

The greatest improvement in my game occurred when I set goals to achieve. I had to take several different paths to achieve them and I have to admit that the journey was as much fun as the achievement. The interesting tenet of all my searching is finding the path to works for my game. Why do I say ‘my game’, well that is crux of most discussions.

As a fairly solid golfer, my foundation of success is rooted in different places than other players of my caliber. Oh sure we can all hit the ball well, chip okay, and putt the lights out 😉 because that is inherent in most good players. But, how I achieved my scores is different from other players. For example, when I played a match against Brooks a couple years ago, I found that he was a better player. With a handicap index only a stroke or two lower than mine, that minor stat proved to equate to a tremendous difference on the links. Although his overall game was better, his approach shots were superior to mine (by a great margin). That lead me to develop a goal to improve this stat. I am still on this path, but I am slowing getting better. (read more about Brooks in my article Playing Golf With Better Players)

I have travelled down several different paths since I set this goal, but I have yet to find the right path that will bring the success I expect. As stated earlier, I am enjoying the journey, but to see my game improve to the next incremental level, I will need to improve on this area of my game dramatically. In case you have not guessed, this is one of my goals for 2021. I want to improve my approach shot stat from 150 yards and in. I am still thinking about the process, but short of hitting more balls at the range…..I am not sure where to go.

I often have to reset my approach to a particular challenge. That is okay because I find joy in working on my game. When I suggest there are no right answers, I mean one that fits all golfers all the time. Every player is unique and they have to find their own path to success. Of course, help from your local professional is recommended because it will speed up the learning curve. Regardless, each golfer still needs to develop a game that works for them.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Forget What You Know About Golf – There Is No Right Answer!

  1. What I know about golf is that where creating a better swing is concerned, the only right answer is a teaching pro. Had I spend the 1st grand I spent on that first set of new Mizuno irons all those years ago on lessons instead, I could have shaved twenty years off my learning curve. Maybe more. a thousand dollars went farther back then. lol

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