Using A Hybrid To Chip

I recently conducted a poll about which non-wedge do you most to chip around the green. I personally love using my 7-iron, but I was surprised that approximately 15% of the respondents use a hybrid to get the ball rolling quickly on the intended target. I have tried hybrids before, but have not really had much success getting the ball close to the hole. Do you use a hybid or a different club to chip around the green?

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Using a 7 Iron To Lower Your Golf Score

The seven iron is a very versatile club because it can be used in a plethora of situations. I use this club quite often during around of golf as it has proven its worth over the many years of my playing. The one area I have found the most benefit is around the green, I use my 7 iron like a putter whenever possible so I can get the ball rolling to the hole soonest. I believe that I save two stokes around and that is a very good thing when you are a low single digit handicapper. Let me explain further.

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Asking The Right Question to Improve Your Golf Game

If you are a regular reader of The Grateful Golfer, you know that I like to run polls on Twitter almost every day. It helps with gathering data for articles, but sometimes it is just for fun. Over the past couple of years, I realize that asking the right question on the polls if more difficult than I originally thought and as such, some questions lead to multiple, unexpected answers! Continue reading

Using a Hybrid to Chip

Accurate chipping is an important component of low golf scores. There are many influences on each chip and selecting the proper club, stroke, stance, and follow through are just a few. I consider myself a fairly solid short game player, but I am always looking for ways to improve my play around the green and using a hybrid seems to be a possible next step for me. Continue reading

Lead or Trail Hand While Putting

The putting grip is the most important and personal of all grips. It is both a strength and weakness depending on how things are going on the greens. When putting, I try to keep equal pressure with both hands and swing my putter with my shoulders. This technique works for me and produces the solid even contact I desire with the flat stick. Continue reading