Chipping/Putting Around The Green

There are a plethora of methods to strike a golf ball around the green. Anything within 10 feet of collar is a distance that affords so many choices, that many players become paralyzed. Or they only use one method regardless of the shot. I have lived all the spectrums of the above situation until I found a new way to hold my wedges/7 iron when playing close to the green. I always tried to figure out why I changed my grip on my wedges and 7 iron, but could never find the proper solution. Well, low and behold I found a short video that explains it perfectly.

Before I show the video, I want to explain what I do. Basically, I hold my wedge/7 iron with my putter grip. I find that this method helps me have greater control of the club head through contact. I am able transfer the touch of my putting into my chipping. I realize that some of you are reading this and say….of course, but it is chipping tip that amateurs, like myself, should learn early in order to progress their short game faster.

The logic of using the putting grip when chipping makes absolute sense. I wish I had learned this skill many years ago, but alas I did not. Now, it is almost automatic that I using my putting grip where ever possible. One other tip I want to mention is to lift the heel of my club slightly when swinging. It really helps with making solid contact when using the putter grip.

Developing a short game is critical to lower golf scores. Using the putter grip within 10 feet of the collar is a great tip that will speed up the development of your short game. If you have never tried this technique, I recommend that you give it a try next time you hit the links.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Chipping/Putting Around The Green

  1. Going toe down feels to weird to me to do any other way then with a putting grip. That’s a shot type I like to do with my 50 most often when close to the green and wanting to get the ball on the ground and running to the flag. Very easy to control both direction and speed. I had a couple eagles this week and one of them came from that shot type on our 2nd hole. Flag was on the left so I missed right of course. But I was flag high and just 8 or nine feet from the green with maybe 45-50 feet to the flag. I landed it about 8 feet on and it ran right to the hole to give me the first skin of the night.

    Kids got jobs and it’s getting in the way of my golf. lol Got in nine holes only tonight. They needed rides when our skins game was scheduled so I just did the nine hole course out back. Started on the closest hole and worked my way back home. lol What a life. Did pretty well. Couldn’t putt, but was hitting greens in reg at worst. It’s a course with tiny greens that don’t have the same grass as our 18 hole course for some reason and this stuff is thick and slow and I didn’t get the reads right at all. lol So not many putts fell, but I wasn’t giving things away either. All in all, a nice little bit of practice. The #9 hole is lined with trees on both sides. It’s a very short par 4. 215 from the back where it was today. It was maybe 208 when I got on ace on it during Covid with the 3 iron. I wanted get that green with the 4 hybrid tonight. When I said it’s tree lined, that doesn’t really paint a proper picture. This fairways trees give you about 20 feet of blue space between them up the middle. 6 on each side spaced evenly though offset so they’ll never actually touch. It’s just that they look like they’re about too from the tee box. It’s a tiny little window. I was behind a foursome today and a twosome caught up to me a couple holes back and I had them tee off first while the green cleared. They both had their balls knocked down by trees along the way and were left with chip and runs to the green from there. I hit the 4 hybrid dead up the center and well over the trees for most of the flight. But I didn’t make the green. The green is raised and I landed about 2 feet below the top of the slope. My 3 iron when I aced it had landed short of the slope and ran on up. The slope stopped the hybrid though it flew farther. Lesson learned. Swing just a little harder, or not and shoot for a lower flight so it lands earlier next time so it can run on up. I did get up and down and finished up playing 1-4 on the way back to my condo by myself so went back to playing two balls. On 2,3 and 4 I even hit different clubs with the two balls. Full swing and 80 percenter clubbing up. Practice, practice, practice.

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    • Kevin,

      Those darn kids! 😉 At least you are playing and from the sounds of it doing well. I agree, practice is the key to long term success. The facility you moved too a few years back sounds like the place to be.

      Cheers Jim


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