Is A Putter Fitting Worth The Time And Money

Fitting any golf club is worth the time and money. I say this blank statement of certainty because my experience has demonstrated it to be correct. After discussions with Kevin, and avid reader of The Grateful Golfer, I realize that I have never been professionally fitted as Kevin mentioned he needed. I have ‘self-fitted’ my putter and I often wondered if my process addressed the needs required for a putter fitting (at least on the basic level). As it turns out, I did and I am quite satisfied with my results. However, I think this is a great topic to discuss for anyone thinking that a putter fitting should be in their future.


How Many Golf Balls Do You Use in a Season?

This is a question I posed a few days ago out in cyberspace. I did not qualify how many rounds of golf a person would play or how long their golf season was, but I figured it was a good question to gauge if I am using too many golf balls. As it turned out, I am actually under the average.

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