Is A Putter Fitting Worth The Time And Money

Fitting any golf club is worth the time and money. I say this blank statement of certainty because my experience has demonstrated it to be correct. After discussions with Kevin, and avid reader of The Grateful Golfer, I realize that I have never been professionally fitted as Kevin mentioned he needed. I have ‘self-fitted’ my putter and I often wondered if my process addressed the needs required for a putter fitting (at least on the basic level). As it turns out, I did and I am quite satisfied with my results. However, I think this is a great topic to discuss for anyone thinking that a putter fitting should be in their future.

Fitting a putter is a fairly basic process. I followed a fairly logical method and my putter selection was perfect for my game. You read about it in my previous article titled Blade or Mallet? For those who would prefer a video, this one might be sufficient for your initial needs:

The first step, in my humble opinion, is choose a putter that is pleasing to the eye. It makes zero sense to select a putter that does not look comfortable. This is a very hard concept to quantify, but I think you will know it when you see it. (Sorry had to go there) I have ‘test run’ many putters through the years in various configurations and I can tell you that some are immediately discarded because I did not like looking at the shape of the putter head. It might have been a great stick, but not for me.

The video outlines three or four main points for a quick putter fitting. I would suggest that it might be more involved for the more experienced player. However, it will give you some idea on what to look for when ‘test running’ putters. This process is a meticulous one and should not be rushed. If you are serious about a putter fitting, I recommend that you do a bit a research on what to expect, find a professional the specializes in putter fitting (if you can), and be confident in your final selections. Putters can be very expensive and a bit of preplanning and knowledge building will prevent buyer’s remorse. Additionally, when you have the correct putter for your game, magical things can happen. And ultimately, that is what we are looking for, right?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Is A Putter Fitting Worth The Time And Money

  1. Putter fitting at TXG in Toronto was worth every penny. The technology used really opened my eyes to the value of the fitting. They bent the crap out of my putter until the fitter was afraid of snapping the hosel but it worked !

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  2. Jim, I finally replace my 1980s circa Ping Answer and I fit myself. How? I went to the PGA Superstore and rolled putts for about an hour with several different models. The one I selected just kept making putts and I have not looked back. Love my purchase.



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  3. Jim, a professional fitting is never a bad idea. For those who are thinking they may need a new putter, they may want to invest in a putting lesson with their current putter first. Could save some serious dollars.



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    • Brian

      I agree, unfortunately the perception for most is the fault is with the equipment Nd that is where they look first. My last putt I had for 25 years and this won will be the last putter I ever buy.
      Lessons are never a bad idea.

      Cheers Jim

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  4. Many of us know the benefits we got from having our driver and/or irons custom fitted. The same is available with a putter. The club that makes or breaks our game more than any other. Toe hang, shaft length, alignment aids all make a difference in how well our chosen putters work for us over the long haul and a spending an hour or two in the store testing different putters is simply not enough to do the job properly I don’t believe. We will miss out on benefits we don’t even know are possible just like with fittings with our drivers so I would argue that since the putter is the most used club in the bag, it’s the one club most likely to benefit us from a proper fitting from a knowledgeable pro.

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