Olympic Golf – It is the Women’s Turn

Rio 2016 Olympics - http://rio2016.com/enAfter all the talk, discussion, and lamenting about Olympic Golf, I am happy to say that the women have taken to the course in search of a gold medal! Many of the world’s top female players are in Rio and did not waver in their decision to represent their country. Regardless of where you stand, I am happy to see Canadians taking to the links as they vie for a gold medal.

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Golfing at the Olympics

Sochi-Logo-300x270The Winter Olympics in Sochi are just around the corner.  Russia is preparing to the focal point of world for two weeks as they host this prestigious event.  The media is focusing on the facility, venues and treatment of the athletes.  In two days, all this will stop and the focus will be on the athletes and their performance – exactly where it should be.

I particularly like the stories on the athletes training and dedication to their sport.  How they found ways to overcome adversity and struggled to follow their dreams.  I am not suggesting that everyone needs to struggle, but there are those who regardless of their circumstance rise to the top!  This year proves to be an exciting year and Canada is expected to have their best showing ever.  This is great news for the Great White North and I will be rooting them on the whole way.

Rio 2016 Olympics - http://rio2016.com/en

Where does golf fit into the picture.  In a previous post, Golf – an Olympic Sport, I mentioned that the 2016 Olympics are in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Golf will be reintroduced as an Olympic sport and the reigning Olympic Gold Medalist is Canadian George Lyon.

Limited to two countries back in 1904 (Canada and the USA) Rio organizers hope for at least 30 countries will be represented in both the men’s and women’s competitions, from all continents.  “The proposed Olympic competition for both men and women is a 72-hole individual stroke play tournament, with the lowest score earning the gold medal. In case of a tie for either first, second or third place, a three-hole playoff will determine the medal winner(s).”

The International Golf Federation is stating that:  “In both the men’s and women’s event, the top 15 world-ranked players will be eligible for the Olympic Games, regardless of the number of players from a given country. Beyond the top 15, players will be eligible based on world ranking, with a maximum of two available players from each country that does not already have two or more players among the top 15 to a maximum number of 60 players in total in the competition.”

I suggest the pundits will debate, argue and lament about how and who will qualify.  It is quite possible that the current methodology is subject to change especially since the Rio Olympics are still two years away.

Golf at the Olympics is going to be exciting.  But, until 2016 I will enjoy the Sochi Olympics and cheer on all the athletes especially the Canadians.

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!