Golf – an Olympic Sport

Rio 2016 Olympics -

With the 2012 Olympics well on the way, I thought it would be interesting to discuss golf being included in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  It will be first time that South America hosts the games of the XXXI Olympiad and should be extremely exciting.

Golf is going to reappear in the Olympics after 100 years.  It is an exciting time for all golfers who have (after much debate with those who do not think that golf is a “real sport”…yes they would be the ones who cannot play or even have the slightest desire to even give it a try, but that is a discussion for another blog)  believed that golf should never have been dropped.  The PGA Tour Commissionaire Tim Finchem said to Laura hill in 2009 that “This is, I think, a great day for the sport of golf. We are absolutely delighted with the decision by the IOC… ”

Of interest to Canadians, we are the reigning Olympic gold medalists.  In 1904, George Lyon won the gold medal in the individual event.  Of course we are very proud of this fact and hope to repeat in 2016.

There is still some discussion on how people will qualify for the Olympics.  If they use the top 60 world ranked golfers from TSN, as being discussed, Canada would not field a person.  As of today the USA has 25 players and 3 other countries have 5 in the top 60.  Total, there would be only 13 countries represented.  I completely understand that the field needs be limited, but I think a better way to limit the field should be found.  My reasoning, why not make it another tournament of PGA golfers and let them figure out who will receive the gold medal.  Sometimes, a nobody shows up and exceeds all expectations on their way to gold.

So here is the question of the day – how would you decide the field at the 2016 Olympics?

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