Moving and Shaking On The Golf Course

Have you ever been on the course when everything is going beyond all expectations? I have and unfortunately it does not happen as often as I want. However, when it does happen I revel in its glory and enjoy the moment. Additionally, I have the confidence to try new things and not worrying if it would work out; fortunately, it usually does!

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The Best Shot You Ever Made In Golf!

We all tell stories; regardless if they have to do with fishing, basketball, hunting, or golf; we all tell stories. Generally, as the tale is retold, it gets better and better until it is on the border line of unbelievable. Over the years, I have made some fantastic shots and, well, some I would like to forget. It is human nature to remember the highlights and perhaps embellish them just a bit. Well I have a shot I thought was worth sharing and I promise not to embellish it…..much! Continue reading

Saving Strokes on the Golf Course

Everyone looks for places to save stokes on the golf course. It is natural to want lower scores at the end of the round. Unfortunately, if we are not paying attention to the opportunities when the arise, then it is an opportunity missed. Right now, most of you are shaking your head and looking back to your last round just realizing that a couple of missed opportunities. Yet, as I reminisce on my last round, I think of the moments when my poor decision cost me strokes. So, I ask you: is saving strokes on the golf course about missed opportunities or making your own opportunities? Continue reading

Golf Question on Course Management

Course management is a large part of my game. Through good club choices for a specific result, I can navigate around a course fairly well. If all the stars align, I can shoot below par (if all the stars align). It is during the times when the stars do not complete do their magic that I rely more on my course management skills.

Pondering a round I played last year, it dawned on me that I might be missing something. The specific shot I had in mind has my ball come to rest about 140 – 150 yards from the pin. Mostly, I am thrilled if I am in the fairway, but recently I was thinking that I am setting my expectations too low. Maybe I need to focus more on the left, right or centre of the fairway to better set up my shot into the green. Continue reading