Moving and Shaking On The Golf Course

Have you ever been on the course when everything is going beyond all expectations? I have and unfortunately it does not happen as often as I want. However, when it does happen I revel in its glory and enjoy the moment. Additionally, I have the confidence to try new things and not worrying if it would work out; fortunately, it usually does!

I remember playing a round of golf when everything was going very well; it ended up being my first sub-par round. It happened at Circle Pine Golf Course in Borden on a cooler over cast day. I was playing in a tournament to make the Military Base Team and this round vaulted me to first over all and Team Captain.

On the 12th hole, par 5, I hit a my drive left off the tee. I was down in a gully with a blocked shot to the green. The safe play was to punch out and play for par. Sitting even at this point, I was making everything and every shot seemed easy. So, I thought I would I try the low percentage shot through the trees lay up to 100 yards.

I grabbed my 4 iron and played it back in my stance. I had a full swing so I decided that if I was going to hit this low percentage shot, I might as well hit it hard. And I did.

To my astonishment, I hit a very small gap left of my aim point and my ball flew clean through the opening like a rocket. The results were more than I could hope for as my ball shaped slightly right and ended up 60 yards from the green in the middle of the fairway! This shot set me up for a birdie (which I made) and a final score of 70; 2 under par!

I felt confident making this shot because of all the other shots I made earlier in the round. Each helped grow my confidence to try something I knew was not the right shot, but was the right shot at the time. It is very hard to explain, but I am sure many of you innately understand what I am talking about.

Moving and shaking on the golf course happens from time to time. It generally is the most successful when we least expect it. Making difficult shots is easier when your confidence is high as a result of a great round. It seems that anything is possible!

Have you had a round when nothing seems to go wrong?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Moving and Shaking On The Golf Course

  1. I had my great day a couple of weeks back, shooting a 76 at a tough course. I was in the zone. Had a little brain-fade blip where I double bogeyed a 540m par 5 when i was 95m out in the middle of the fairway for two shots, early in the round, but got straight back in the zone next hole and kept it rolling. Got a bit tight playing the last couple of holes and hit some bad shots to finish bogey bogey. Shot +4, which is wildest dreams stuff for me, as I am a B grade golfer who has a lot of variation in my swing and concentration levels usually.


  2. Jim, never had a round where nothing goes wrong. Obviously even in great rounds, there are mistakes, as perfection is impossible. However, I would classify the perfect round as bogey-free. I’ve never had one. Been under par several times, but the best I can state is two bogeys.

    Well, today is another day to try and shoot for nirvana. Good luck to me – LOL!



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      • Jim, wow! 18 pars? You must have been grinding like all get out. I love that feeling of grinding and being in the zone. Your concentration is superb and it seems like mistakes aren’t as penal, even though you can recognize them when you make them.

        Hey, so you indicated you were undergoing a move. Changing residences in the same town or moving to a different place?



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      • Brian

        It was a grind for the last 3 holes when I started looking at the score. Haha.

        Moving towns this Thursday. About 45 min from my golf home course. Still going to play at Osprey Links next year. It is a great move for us and we looking forward to the new adventure.

        Cheers Jim


  3. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had as many as you have, but my first sub par round is much more recent than yours. And until the last few holes when I realized I was on track to shoot my first par or better score, I was on cruise control. Enjoying a good day, but not really reveling in my success as I wasn’t thinking about anything but the shot at hand. And once I realized where I stood the pressure hit and I stumbled a little. Thankfully, I got back on track. I find it best still though to keep from thinking about how I am doing whether it’s good or bad, and just stick with what I need to do in the moment. That’s the key to success for me.

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    • Kevin

      Focusing on each shot is the key for sure. Sometimes, regardless of score, I am feel very confident and like to attempt shots that are a bit higher risk. Generally I am successful, but not always. It is part of the fun for me when playing.

      Cheers Jim


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