Fighting to Keep My Game Relevant

At what point does trying to play fall golf become to burdensome to accomplish. Given the weather in my location, golfing opportunities are becoming rare. This transition becomes frustrating and I can only dress in so many layers before swinging the clubs is too difficult. Add into this rain, then this is a recipe for disaster. However, even though the weather and life challenges of moving are throwing curve balls, I am still swinging away hoping to connect at least two or three times before the end of October.

Although a year old, this is how we dress on most golf days in October.

I try to stay confident and positive at this time of year because I know that is very short order, I will be shoveling snow and trying to fill my time with reading and writing about golf.

Fortunately this year, I might have a better solution to swinging my clubs in the winter. And before anyone asks, it is not a trip to warmer climes. Maybe in the future, but it is not in the cards right now.

I will discuss my options at a later date, but lets just say that it looks good for something pretty fun and cool for my game.

Back to the topic of this article, keeping my game relevant during the autumn. It is really challenging. I have discussed the weather, but the challenges of playing on wet ground all the time sometimes takes the fun out of playing. I have a tendency of hitting the ball fat and taking large divots. Additionally, the ball has zero roll so I am hitting longer irons than normal into the greens. This is all doable, but it is not really what my game is like so I modify my expectations to enjoy the beautiful fall colours and my tie on the links.

Being a grateful golfer, I do celebrate the chances to play in October. It is only the third, but time is quickly flying by. I am hoping to get at least 1 round a week moving forward and I will keep my hopes up that the weather will cooperate. Besides, I could be living in Calgary near my friend Josh:

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


7 thoughts on “Fighting to Keep My Game Relevant

  1. Even though it is very seldom that I have had to play in really cold weather, I do understand how it hurts the swing. If I lived up north, I might consider trying heated clothing to keep from having to wear too many layers but even that wouldn’t help where I find the most trouble. My fingers are where I find more trouble than anywhere else when playing in the cold. Once they get cold and stiff, my game is pretty much shot.

    Even down here I own a pair of winter weight golf gloves for days when you Canadians would still be playing in shorts. lol

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  2. Jim, I gave up on playing cold, wet, and windy golf years ago. Once that season sets in, I hang em up. Now occasionally we’ll have a day in the 70s mid-winter and we’ll hit the course with zero expectations and the joy of being out there.

    Hope you can squeeze a couple of decent weather days left in the season.


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  3. Hi Jim.
    Yes, the challenges with the seasonal changes are unique and real. I simply lower expectation and enjoy the chance to be outdoors playing. As for the dreaded mix of cold and wet, that is a tough one for me to reconcile and I no longer try to play in wet weather below 8c now. As for our friend Josh, the uniqueness of his climate brings about these swings in weather we just don’t often see. I, for one, tend to focus my comments to his poor choice of putters but an intense snowfall in September is just cruel. I hope you get at least one more round in this season! Look forward to following and reading all fall and winter. In friendship, Mike

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