Intense Focus on Golf For A While

Do you ever need a break from golf – either watching, writing, playing or talking? I sometimes run into a brick wall and like to step away and focus on other things. In October, I find this month the most compelling to seek other things to do and shelve golf for a bit. And other times, life provides a natural break where other aspects of day to day living take priority. For me, the latter is about to happen.

My wife and I take possession of our new home on Thursday. We are both excited to start this new adventure. With this change, comes a tremendous amount of work to make our new castle our own. After buying and selling many homes, we find that focusing on what we want to change early helps us enjoy our home for a long period of time. This means focusing and working for weeks to help set up years of enjoyment.

My next journey is about to begin.

Well, learning a new skill in golf is exactly the same. When I was first learning how to hit a 60 degree wedge, I spent hours trying to perfect when and where to hit this new tool. I focused on ball position, swing plane, and contact strength more than any other club. For me, it worked very well because I now do not fear taking my lob wedge out and swinging away. I know, also from experience, that if I slowly plugged away at using my new club, I would feel frustrated and disappointed for many a game.

Over the next few weeks, I may or may not be writing much about golf. I will be focused on higher priority aspects of my life. This does not mean I will not be thinking about playing or writing, it just means that my valuable time will be spent in other areas.

Although I will have a hiatus, I will continue to read about your golf exploits. That is as much fun as writing and experiencing my own.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “Intense Focus on Golf For A While

  1. Hey, we understand. I’ll likely be in your shoes just before Thanksgiving as I just accepted an offer on my house too. So you’ll have at least one reader who can relate to how much work is ahead of you. Good luck. I hope it all goes smoothly.


      • And give up year round golf? No way! Lol I’ve still got one child in college that is paid for as long as we stay in the state. I’ve just decided it’s time to cash in on this house and pick one to retire in. I’ll be staying within the county most likely.

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