The Ability to Score

Putting to Win!Do you have the ability to score in golf?

This question has many dimensions.  Each player will have a different answer on which aspect of golf is important enough to enable them to consistently score lower.  This question has nothing to do with establishing a handicap or periodically having a great round.  No, this is not course management either; although course management is extremely important!  The question focuses on consistently identifying moments in a round where strokes can be saved.

How exactly does an amateur golfer excel at identifying these important moments?  To understand the ability to score, answer the following questions:

  • When looking at a shot from the middle of fairway, do you examine all your options?
  • When in the rough, do you look at the grain of the grass before selecting a club?
  • When just off the green, do you use different wedges depending on the slope of the green?
  • When on the tee, do you visualize how to play the entire hole?
  • When on the green, do you understand the importance of a lag putt?
  • On your approach shot, do you focus on more than just yardage before club selection?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you have the ability to score in golf.  The mental aspect of the game is equally, if not more important than being able to hit the ball a country mile.  Focused attention to the finer points of playing golf will definitely lower your score.

If you’re wondering how to gain this skill, well it starts by asking the above questions. This was not an all-inclusive list, but the start of the many finer points that élite golfers pay attention to while walking the links.

So, I ask again; Do you have the ability to score in golf?

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!

Lowering Your Score…..or Not

I decided to do some research on how to lower my golf score.  Everyone, even single digit handicappers, looks for ways to lower their score.  I have to say I was a little disappointed at the number of websites that were more interested in selling stuff than helping people improve their game.  I guess that is why I am the grateful golfer for all those people who give free advice without wanting anything in return…but that is a completely different conversation.

I have my own views on lower your score, but during my search I did find a 2005 article from GOLFTIPS that struck a chord.  It outlines five tips that would be helpful to lower ones score.  The are

  • Hit To The Fat Part Of The Green
  • Play Golf, Not Golf Swing
  • Monitor Your Tempo And Rhythm
  • Be Positive
  • Know When To Leave The Driver In The Bag, Baby

I have talked about these tips in one form or another, but what I like best is the simplicity of the points.  Basically, play within yourself.  Pretty simple.  Unfortunately, the ego has a tendency to sabotage that plan.  I guess that is why we are not Pros!

Lowering your score in golf is one of the most difficult goals to accomplish.  It takes disciple, desire and sometimes laughing at yourself.  Regardless of your handicap, lowering your golf score can be achieved….it really depends on how important it is to enjoying the game!

See you on the links!