It Only Takes One Shot in Golf

It only takes one shot in golf to become a hero or a goat. If you have ever played in a tournament, you are probably aware of the risk making a poor shot. I sure have experienced the results of making poor shots during competition and yet, I continued to strive play better. I noticed that Tiger Woods and Brooks Koepka did this exact thing during the 100th PGA Championship on the weekend. The player that responded best to a poor shot was Brooks, hence he went on to rise the Wanamaker Trophy. Continue reading

So, Whats Next?

If you ever watched the TV series ‘West Wing’, you will easily recognize the title of this article. This statement is made every time President Bartlett is ready to move onto a new topic. He is either tired of the old one or has spent enough time thinking or worrying about it. Well, I feel that way about many topics in golf; I like to change because I am tired of the conversation, have no solution, or another topic is more important to at that time. So, Whats Next? Continue reading

As My Golf Season Comes to an End

Well, it will not be long now before I put my clubs are away for good. As the weather starts to turn and the weather cools down, it is almost time to pack up my gear and focus on preparing for winter. I realize some will say that it is way too early and that I can sneak in many more rounds, but experience tells me that once October comes, playing golf becomes less of a priority. Do not fear, it is not quite time to stop playing, but it is getting close. Continue reading

How My Putting Goes, My Score Goes

There is a constant in everyone’s golf game. Some have challenges with driving, others with their short game. Personally, my challenges are all rooted in the short stick. I have shot in the 70s in my last 19 games. My scores ranged between 78 and 71 with a current handicap index of 4.3. Obviously, I am very happy with my consistency and yet as a typical golfer, I always feel I can do better.  Continue reading

The First Day of Spring

It is officially here! The first day of spring has arrived without any fanfare or celebrations unless you are a golfer from the north. This special day is the first sign that the golf season is quickly approaching and it is time to prepare. For some, this means dusting off the clubs and waiting; others, like myself, this means that my ‘to do list’ just grew tenfold. Continue reading