Minor Set Backs Are Expected

Working our golf game is a slow methodical process that takes time and effort. Sometimes it takes years of dedicated effort to make the adjustments needed to be a better player. If you think I am kidding, check out Brian Penn’s blog All About Golf and read his journey to lower golf scores. You will be amazed at is focus and tenacity. I too am always on the quest to improve and during this journey, I, like Brian, expect minor setbacks because it is the nature of the learning process.

On my journey to being a scratch golfer, I experienced many setbacks. Most were minor which I worked through. And others a bit larger that forced me back to the drawing board. Sometimes it is challenging to identify if the new process is working very slowly or not working at all. Much of it depends on how patient you are with failure. The following is a perfect example.

In an earlier text, I talked about how to address a ball for chipping. This process has worked for me for years and I feel that my game in fairly strong in that department. However, shortly after releasing the article, Phil Mickelson was caught talking about chipping that countered what I had written. Of course, Phil being one of the best (if not the best) with wedges, I decided to give his technique a try. 

After two weeks for frustration and failure, I decided that Phil’s impromptu talk was not for me. I need to switch back and I was so glad that I did. It did take a bit of time to regain my chipping confidence and luckily this minor setback was quickly reversible. Others are no so easy depending on what you changed and why.

If you are wondering, the following infographic is what I reverted back too!

It is important to take chances by changing your game to improve. This takes many players out of their comfort zone, but that is where improvement can be found.

Although I had a minor chipping setback, I realized a very important lesson: I needed to practice more on the change before implementing it in my game. I thought that I could easily adopt what Phil was saying, but alas that was folly. Even failure can be used as a teaching moment if I am playing attention.

Minor setbacks are expected when walking the journey to being a scratch golfer. Thomas Edison said: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” And this about sums up my golf game to now.

Have you ever experienced a minor setback and came out on the other end a better player?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “Minor Set Backs Are Expected

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  2. Jim, I’ve had more minor setbacks than I can remember, and will continue to have them; no doubt. Thanks for the mention, and as you point out, I think I’m on the right path to improvement. Most of that is due to working with an instructor that is in sync with my learning style. Sometimes you need to iterate through bad instructors as part of your setback list. It happened to me on more than one occasion. Gotta love the journey though. It’s the best one out there.




    • Brian

      Great point about a poor instructor. I wrote an article a while back about the difference between good instructors. Some just teach what they know and that is not necessarily the way to improve our game. Thanks for reminding be about searching for the proper instructor.

      Cheers Jim

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  3. Well, I guess I have to say yes. The hook I fell into a couple of years back was definitely a setback. The lesson I took to get rid of it left me a better player. I’m not sure that counts exactly, but it’s all I can think of right now.


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