Happy Halloween

It is that time again where the children are out on the streets, going door to door looking for the best candy. As a kid, we all shared in the excited and hope that we would be able to make the big haul. It is a time honoured tradition and I expect that tonight you will have many little ones dressed up in all sorts of costumes hoping your house gives out the best treats.

I realize that the costumes will represent the latest trends for characters, but every year I hope that one kid dresses up like a golfer. I mean, how easy of a costume would that be. I think I would give that child extra candy for making my night. 

The Big Three
The King, The Golden Bear, The Black Knight
Courtesy of Nicklaus.com

To make it better, they could dress up as a golden bear, a king or a black knight. Those would be awesome costumes! I am sure many of the young kids would not understand the significance of these three legends, but it would a be good morale booster for the Dads who are handing out candy. I guess I am dreaming when I hope for a golfer to show up since none ever had.

Halloween is a fun time for the kids. If you are driving tonight, please take extra caution because the ghosts, goblins and maybe golfers will be running around full of excitement. They may not be as aware as they should, so we need to be!

Happy Halloween everyone!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the  links!

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