It Is Transition Time

As the last glimmer of hope is snuffed out, I have officially entered the transition phase of my golf year. What exactly does that mean, well it is a sad time where I have to put my summer stuff away, dig out the winter stuff and prepare for five months of a winter wonderland. I am not complaining mind you because the winter offers other fun things to do that helps prepare my game for opening day just 167 days away. 

As you can see, my home course is covered with snow. It may not stay, but it is hard for the maintenance team to cut the greens if they have to shovel it first! Jeff Rogerson and his team provided another fantastic golf season and I commend them on outstanding customer service again this year. I am already looking forward to 2019.

As winter sets in, I dig out my snow shoes, cross country skis, walking boots and the thicker layers of clothing. The above activities really help keep me fit, build strong leg muscles, and work the core. It might seem odd that walking in snow can be so beneficial, but it is. If you have never tried it, I can akin walking in the snow to walking in very soft sand up to your ankles. 

It is time to transition to some winter fun. I look forward to next year, but for now I will enjoy the snowy weather and any fun activities it brings. The yearly transition is inevitable, so it is time to embrace it!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links in 167 days!

9 thoughts on “It Is Transition Time

  1. Speaking of transitions, I got my last round in at summer rates today. November starts our prime golf season. It was 86 out this afternoon when I teed off making that snow look almost welcome. Almost.

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      • Well it does depend on the course, but it’s closer to 100% increase than 25% on most of the courses I play.

        The course I played yesterday will raise their rates 70%. Another course I play raises their rates by just over 90%.

        Play is slower due to more people on the course as well and tee times are tougher to get. I don’t even bother making them in the summer unless I’m using one of the discount golf websites. During the winter months trying that will almost surely leave you dissappointed.

        Those are just things we should expect when the population almost doubles during the winter months. We learn real quick to leave earlier because of extra traffic, and expect longer wait times everywhere. It’s just the price you pay to live in “paradise”.

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  3. Oh no, snow already! That would make me crazy. I’m sure that walking in the snow is very beneficial. Hopefully you’ll get a few days of sun and temps that’ll allow you get in a round or two.

    Going to be 77 degrees here today in Tennessee. Of course we started the day at 39, so a 40 degree swing. There’s your smart aleck comment for the day!

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