Videotaping My Golf Swing

Over the years, I have video taped my golf swing. Surprisingly, I never watched it to analyse my technique. I have looked close, but I think it is a beautiful thing and does not need fixing…..haha. I have come to realize that I do cast a bit around chest area and as a result I loose some distance. Kevin, an avid reader of The Grateful Golfer, has pointed this out on several occasions. I appreciate his feedback and will use his advice as a starting point next spring. However, I was wondering if you have ever videotaped your swing.

I think going through the efforts to video tape your swing is a great thing. Unfortunately, most of us are not qualified enough to really notice anything but major flaws. For that, I believe, we need a professional. I am not surprised at the number of golfers who have recorded their swing:

As you can see, even a 5 handicap player needs help. From the video, others have indicated that I need to stop casting and use my lower body more. Without the video, I would never have noticed what they were talking about. So, I will take their advice and figure out how to fix these challenges this spring.

Using other media to help identify challenges in our swing is a great thing. As new technology comes on line, the opportunities to improve become easier and easier. Personally, I like to try new methods to record and analyse my swing, but as I stated earlier, I am not quite qualified to see the intricacies of my swing to focus on specific areas. 

My friend Brian from All About Golf wrote a great article about developing a golf plan in order to become a better golfer. I think it is worth the read. The second last paragraph is definitely worth a look.

Videotaping your golf swing for fun is great to share with your friends, but I think using it to improve you game is where the value really lies. What do you think?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Videotaping My Golf Swing

  1. Jim, I have a lot of swing video since I bought my first iPhone and up through about three years ago. Funny how they all look the same no matter what you were working on at the time. 🙂 Since I started taking lessons, my instructor will video me and we’ll review together so I stopped filming myself. BTW, thanks for the kind mention!


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