Golf’s Wisdom of the Ages

Being Wise is about asking the right question!

Every  golfer knows that players who shoot low scores hold the secret to gaining wisdom. They have the skill to do what only a few people can and, as such, are regarded with envy. Most amateurs feel that way about professionals because of their ability to make a golf ball do amazing things. Yet, amongst that group of great golfers, there are always a few who can rise above the others because of their wisdom relating to all aspects of golf. Continue reading

Sharing Golf’s Ultimate Secret

Golf is a funny sport. There seems to be the air of confusion that there is one ultimate golf secret that will fix anyone’s game. Research will show that ‘many men at the top of the mountain’ have the sage answer. Of course it is in the form of a riddle and you can decipher his ramblings your golf game will magically be amazing. Continue reading