Sharing Golf’s Ultimate Secret

Golf is a funny sport. There seems to be the air of confusion that there is one ultimate golf secret that will fix anyone’s game. Research will show that ‘many men at the top of the mountain’ have the sage answer. Of course it is in the form of a riddle and you can decipher his ramblings your golf game will magically be amazing.


Sharing our knowledge of golf helps grow the game!

Interestingly, some golfers believe they have solved this cryptic puzzle and do not want to share it with the world. They believe that the knowledge they gleaned is theirs and theirs alone. Well, I can tell you that these keepers of golf’s ultimate secret can keep it. I do not want to know what they know!

I take a different approach towards my golf game. I believe it is important to share all things golf. Some of my knowledge only applies to my game; however by sharing my experiences others may find value an understanding for their game.

Sometimes my knowledge is shared in a story like “Gopher it”. Other times it is through a rule interpretation. And yet other times it is a story of how I was schooled by a 75 year-old gentlemen at Essex golf course. Regardless of the method, most of my ramblings have a point that hopefully hit home at different levels with different golfers.

Also, I find value in linking to other writers’ articles or videos. I think that by sharing their knowledge increases our knowledge. Their explanation also provides an extra something because of the way they present the information. Why reinvent the wheel; leverage what others have written and make sure to give them the credit!

I think by now you understand my view towards golf’s ultimate secret. It is not one thing that will magically make us better golfers, it is a collective of knowledge and understanding that improves our game. And I can think of no better way of improving my game then sharing all things golf without any expectations.

So as you read this article and understand the intent behind The Grateful Golfer, feel free to share it with a friend. Or any golfing knowledge you have; sharing the knowledge is the ultimate secret to success in golf. Besides, you never know what golden nugget your friend needs to lower their golf score.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Sharing Golf’s Ultimate Secret

  1. Jim, totally agree. Your philosophy of sharing is admirable and generous and reminds me of Stephen Covey’s reasoning about abundance vs scarcity. Keep them coming, you’re doing a great job!



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