The Emotional Side of Golf

Watching Sergio Garcia and Bryson DeChambeau demonstrate their displeasure and chew up some of the golf course. This, however, is not the emotional aspect of golf I was thinking about today. The emotional side of golf I was thinking about was one that elicits a memory that we cannot forget. When we talk about a specific event from our golf game, we generally have a feeling or emotional response to that event. And that is why we remember it so well.

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Emotionally Detached When Playing Golf

After watching Sergio Garcia and Bryson DeChambeau express frustration while hitting the ball poorly out of a sand trap, I wonder if something is wrong out side of golf. Generally, they are intense players, but manage their emotions very well. Unfortunately, their over-reaction is something we see fairly often from professionals on tour in the form of swearing, throwing clubs, or in Sergio and Bryson’s case damaging the course. However, if we think the professionals are losing it, image how many amateurs react!

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My Favorite Masters Pairing

“A Tradition Like No Other”, coined by Jim Nantz of CBS Sports, definitely sums up all aspects of The Masters.  It is a tournament rich in tradition and is the most anticipated sporting event in the world! There are so many aspects of The Masters that I bet you cannot just pick three; I know I can’t! With the Honorary Starters ready to do their thing in 24 hours, I was wondering who would be my favorite Masters Pairing. Continue reading

Removing Your Clothes to Make a Golf Shot

Recently, I stumbled across Sergio Garcia making a golf shot from the cart path. Normally this would not be anything odd for Sergio, however he did without any shoes. Of course we have all watched as players remove shoes and roll up they pant legs for shots out of the water, but I have never seen someone remove their shoes to hit off a cart path. Have you? Continue reading

The Lag of Your Golf Club on The Downswing

There are many ways to generate power in your golf swing. One of the most common is generating the lag of the club head on the down swing. What this means to me (I hope my terminology is correct) is the angle of the wrist cock as it hits your hips. I have always thought it the angle between your club and forearms should be at 90º, however, after watching Sergio Garcia and Jon Rahm, I am not so sure. Continue reading