The Emotional Side of Golf

Watching Sergio Garcia and Bryson DeChambeau demonstrate their displeasure and chew up some of the golf course. This, however, is not the emotional aspect of golf I was thinking about today. The emotional side of golf I was thinking about was one that elicits a memory that we cannot forget. When we talk about a specific event from our golf game, we generally have a feeling or emotional response to that event. And that is why we remember it so well.

I purposely asked a skewed question where three events were based on an emotional long-lasting memory and one that would, in my opinion, produce a fleeting response. As it turned out, my intent was spot on:

As you can see, buying stuff does not elicit a long-lasting golf memory and I am not surprised. I rarely remember the stuff I buy after short time, but always remember experiences. I have many fond memories of playing golf and generally they all surround an event I shared with other player or players; an emotional bond with the other players was created. This makes my each event even more memorable.

My 3rd hole in one – 11th hole Osprey Links Golf Course!

If you think take a moment, you will see exactly what I mean. I have many memories and have written about them at The Grateful Golfer. One in particular was a hole in one while trying out for the base golf team. It was a memorable shot that I never saw!

Additionally, I have memories of winning golf tournaments with friends (Blair, Mike and Jean), the duck competition with Kirk, playing golf in the UK with Kirk, or breaking par for the first time with Jim. All of these fantastic memories are emotional based because I had a friend to share them with. It seems to always make the highlights more exciting. Of course there are many more memories, but I think you get my point.

Being emotional in golf is great, but having emotionally based memories is way better. Each event elicits an emotional response, even today after many years. For me, this is what golf is all about. As I continue to collect these wonderful tidbits of my golfing career keeping the emotional aspects of each on only enhances the experience.

Does your fondest golf memory elicit an emotional response?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “The Emotional Side of Golf

  1. Yesterday I gave some tips to an 11 year old who was out playing with his father and I got to see him beaming after he started getting some air under the ball which was something he had been struggling to do on the first few holes. I’m sure I’ll remember his elation far longer than my best shots of the day. Even hitting the flag on my 2nd shot on the harder of the par 5’s pales in comparison.

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