World Golf Championships-Mexico Championship Midway Thoughts

I generally do not comment on tournaments while they are playing, but I thought I would jump in with one observation. It is something that I have noticed during this event that has evolved over the past 5 years on the PGA Tour. My earth shattering thought is that distance is king!

Every reader is now going: “Well, Duh!” Of course this is not something that took weeks of analysis because when I watched Rory McIlroy hit an iron 312 yards to within 6 feet on the par 4, 10th hole, I thought: wow, distance really is king!

Of course I am talking a bit tough and cheek, but the top players are demonstrating once again that hitting a the long ball is important to modern day golf. I mean hitting a 375+ drive (even at altitude) and keeping your ball in play is amazing. There is no way that new golf courses can be built to withstand that onslaught these young players.

Having said that, these big hitters still have a fantastic short game and most can putt very well. This trifecta of skill is tough to beat. Tiger Woods is by far the best example in the modern era of how a single player can dominate the golfing world with elite skills.

As I watch the rest of the weekend, I will continue to marvel at how far the pros continue to crush their ball. However, unless these boomers show some short game skill, they will not step into the winners circle on Sunday. At this time, I am cheering for Rory McIlroy to win. He looks good over the first couple of days and if he shoots another 63, he will be very hard to beat.

Are you watching the World Golf Championships-Mexico Championship? Who are you picking to win?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “World Golf Championships-Mexico Championship Midway Thoughts

  1. They do hit it long. The almost 8k foot elevation helps a bit I guess but it’s still amazing. But it’s a benefit I never get playing down here at sea level.

    What had me most fascinated was how they controlled ball flight while watching yesterday. Hitting 9 irons off the tee about 150 yards and only getting about 110 feet of air under the ball. That tells you how much loft they were taking out of the club. After seeing the first in the group do it I tried to see if the second guy was changing ball position back in his stance and it didn’t seem to be how they were accomplishing it. But no matter how hard I wished they never showed a slow motion of those swings. I would have loved to see that.


  2. Jim, what a contrast with last week. Guys were struggling to hit a five-iron 170 yards at Rivera. I can’t make up my mind whether I like watching them struggle or bomb it. Both have some appeal. I think DJ is ready made to win these things as his past record would indicate, and I think he takes it this weekend.



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