Adjusting To The New Rules of Golf

After two months of the new rules of golf being in effect, the golfing world has seen some controversy. It is interesting to see what players and fans are choosing to worry about, but that is always the case when major change happens within a community. Golf is no different. Unfortunately, we are still snow bound in the northern climes so it has not affected us that much. But, the potential storm is just on the horizon.

As an attempt to inject humour into the entire rule change chapter, I asked a question about allowing one mulligan per 18 holes of golf. Well, a resounding no was the top answer.

I thought some would get a kick of out of my parody and I suppose some did. But, others were less than keen that I would even suggest such a thing. To clear up any possible confusion, I do not support a mulligan during a regular round of golf, only during Charity events.

The rules controversies continue to grow. The last is the backstop claim on the LPGA. I found not cheating in any of the videos I watched and can honestly say that I would have played the exact same way. If my opponents ball is on my intended line (or close) it is marked otherwise, for pace of play, I would hit up. As stated by Amy Olson, 3 feet off line is miles for the professionals and she just hit a poor shot. As a result, future play will see her wait until the ball is marked, another way to slow down the pace of play.

There were other breaches of the rules that have raised eyebrows, but as stated earlier some of these are expected. I have read the new rules and continue to study their nuances so I am ready for my 2019 golf season and hopefully avoid any the the foolishness going on in the professional ranks. Regardless, it will be fun to finally play and see if they affect my game.

Are you using all the new rules of golf? If not, which are you ignoring?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

3 thoughts on “Adjusting To The New Rules of Golf

  1. I’m using the new rules of course, but I do take exception to how one of them is being administered. When they changed the rule to allow you to drop from knee height, the logic given was to not further penalize you and it seems to me that adding a stroke for dropping from shoulder height does exactly that. You have already penalized yourself for forgetting you can drop from much closer to the ground so adding a stroke is simply an ignorant way to administer the rule.

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      • Jim, totally agree here. That R. Fowler was penalized for an incorrect drop in the WGC is silly and non-productive. When they changed from dropping over the shoulder to an extended arm, that was supposed to solve for everything. Trying to get too perfect on this one.
        On another one, I began putting with the flagstick in yesterday during practice. Love it on the straight shorties as I can target the flagstick and bang it. However, they didn’t think about the cadence of normal foursome play when implementing. Say we have players A, B, C, and D. Previously when everyone was on the green and could see the hole, you removed the pin, putted, and replaced. Now, what if players A and C want the pin in and B and D prefer it out??? Then you need to putt, replace, remove, putt, remove, replace until finished. It may end up causing unintended slow play. I will certainly want it in when it’s my turn. Food for thought.

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