Hole in OneHole in One!  Today it was a fantastic day!  I hit my third hole in one.  The coolest thing is that they all occurred during a tournament.  Today, I was on the blue tees at Osprey Links Golf Course on hole number 11.  It was playing 208 yards and I used my 3 hybrid.  It was a fantastic feeling and I hope I experience it again soon.  On a side note, I shot 73, two over par, with a triple on the 14th hole.

This event sparked some lively conversation within my group.  One of the things we discussed was the value of hitting a good shot.  There have been many days when I have not hit the ball well until one shot, a special shot, occurs that turns your entire game around.  After that amazing shot, you have a completely different mental attitude to the game.  You feel and act positive and like a miracle, everything seems to go your way.

The mental aspect of the game is critical to success.  Remaining positive and focused allows for many special things to happen.  Today was a perfect example.  I felt very confident and had framed (using imagery) how successful my day would be.  Ultimately, it worked extremely well.  I suggest that you try it.

The day before you go golfing, start going through your mind all the positive shots you are going to make.  How successful you will be on each hole.  Focus your thoughts until you can feel the positive energy going through your whole body.  I believe it works and have used it on many occasions.

Today was an awesome day and I am a grateful golfer!

4 thoughts on “Hole-In-One!

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