Best Shot Of The Year

Have you ever taken the time to ponder about your golf season. As mine has ended, I like to take the time to think of the high points of my season and one great shot (actually several happened, but I had to choose) sticks in my mind. Many people will think of their longest drive or craziest putt as their best shot. Or they think about their luckiest shot as their best, however none of those qualify for my best shot of the year. Mine is rooted in intent and results that impacted on my score.

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Shaping Your Golf Ball For Success

One of the important skills in golf is having the ability to shape your golf ball. Every round we are faced with scenario where hitting a fade or draw would be the best shot. Having the ability to shape the ball is, in my opinion, the most difficult skill to master. I have worked at mastering such shots, but I am not sure I can consider myself skilled. I can shape the ball, but not always on demand and not always with control. Shaping our golf ball for success requires more than just a practice.

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Playing Golf With One Club

This morning I was fortunate to wake up early and see that the forecast for rain did not materialize. After hopping out of bed, in the dark, I decided to hit the links for a quick round. I did not play all week, so I took this opportunity to get out and play some golf.

Arriving at the course, I quickly unpacked my clubs and anticipated being the only player on the course for quite a while. As I set up my push cart, my friend Geary pulled up and we quickly agreed to play together. As we walked towards the first tee, I noticed that Geary only had one club in his hand; his 9-iron! And then our conversation started! Continue reading