Shaping Your Golf Ball For Success

One of the important skills in golf is having the ability to shape your golf ball. Every round we are faced with scenario where hitting a fade or draw would be the best shot. Having the ability to shape the ball is, in my opinion, the most difficult skill to master. I have worked at mastering such shots, but I am not sure I can consider myself skilled. I can shape the ball, but not always on demand and not always with control. Shaping our golf ball for success requires more than just a practice.

If you check out the videos on YouTube on how to fade or draw the ball, you will find more suggestions than a strawberry has seeds. As I looked over the plethora of hints, I found one that works for me most of the time. I am not suggesting this is the only answer, but it does off something simple that we can practice and duplicate.

I find it interesting that because I am a low handicapper, some people I play with automatically assume I can shape the ball. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. I traditionally hit the ball straight. My errors are either a pull or a push, but they travel straight. I do fade or draw the ball from time to time (okay slice or hook) and live with the results. As funny as this might sound, hitting the ball straight is great, however it does not always offer the best shot into the green.

At Osprey Links Golf Course, holes 13 and 14 require a draw and fade respectively off the tee. I have tried many times to play the right shaped shot off the tee with a modicum of success. Failing to properly shape the ball off the tee leads to trouble more often than not. So, I generally club down or bail out. Who needs to be hitting a recovery shot on short par 4s…..right?

Being able to shape the ball in golf is a very important skill. It is a skill I continue to work on in order to improve my ball striking. There are many different ways to hit a draw and adjusting your ball position might be the tip that works for you.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Shaping Your Golf Ball For Success

  1. I find it hard to shape a shot using todays game-improvement irons (like my Taylormade M3 irons). The technology in those clubs (perimeter weighting) is designed to make the ball go straight. But I do appreciate the forgiveness of those clubs. I’m not sure that I’m consistent enough to go to a blade (like the Taylormade P790 irons) that would be easier to shape shots with.

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    • Dan,

      Technology does offer some benefits and restrictions for sure. I would suggest that for most players having a club that is more forgiving is the beneficial approach. It is definitely a choice of each player.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim Shaping a shot is one of the most gratifying golf experiences. Being able to bend it both ways is a skill most average golfers can only dream of. I try not to force either a fade or draw unless the outcome of a match is on the line.
    4 weeks to golf !

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  3. Hi Jim. Agreed shaping the ball is important. Personally I find the fade alot easier to produce on a regular basis. On #10 at Osprey I have found myself many times not hitting the ball far enough of the tee to make the corner. I am a lefty and have been able to most times successful hit a big fade around the corner. The draw I can do time to time but not with the same consistency. I should be up in the Bay at some point this summer. Hope to see you on the course!

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    • Hey Mitch,

      I feel your pain. there are many times I am long enough on the 10th tee, but cannot draw the ball around the corner. I have visited the sand trap at the end of the fairway a few times. I hope do meet up. I am moving to Mattawa this year, but will play Osprey a few times. Have a great upcoming season.

      Cheers Jim


  4. I think I mentioned it’s my goal for the year to gain more control over my shot shapes. And have I got the video for us on this. This guy James Robison is taking a lesson from I really like.

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