All Great Golfers Do These Three Things!

I am not an expert in golf. I play the game well, yet I will default to many other players who I would consider experts at teaching this great game. Rick Shiels is an instructor I follow and find very helpful when I am trying to improve my game. I found a video that makes great sense to me and I will try to improve on these skills this summer as I continue on my golf journey.

The skill I think I need to focus on the most is hitting the ball first with my irons. When I first started playing, I was taught to make contact with the ball and the ground at the same time. The more I practiced, the more successful I became at this skill. Unfortunately, the greatest majority of misses was to hit behind the ball slightly. This mishit would result in less distance and a lack of control.

As my game improved, I found that hitting the ball first was the key to great iron shots. Unfortunately, due to my previous training, hitting behind the ball slightly still creeps into my game. As a result, I will dedicate more time to minimizing a know error in my iron play.

On a side note, the weather is warming up and the snow is melting. Only a few more weeks and the snow will be completely gone and then my golf season will be starting.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “All Great Golfers Do These Three Things!

  1. I still practice the line drill for getting ball first contact. One of the few drills I’ve ever used where I don’t need a ball to help me improve. Not enough time practicing shaping the ball though. I think that will be the main goal this year.

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