Rolling A Putt That Actually Rolls

Putting is the ultimate stroke saver. As an experienced golfer, I know that putting will make or break my golf score. My target number is less than 30 putts a round and anything under 28 is considered a great round of putting for me. There are many variables that impact my results which cannot be overlooked. There is, however, one skill I have honed that creates my greatest chance of sinking any putt. I believe that a true roll on my putts is the key to lower golf scores.

What is true roll you may ask? That is a great question! Basically, my ball starts rolling immediately (or almost immediately) off my putter head without bouncing the first 25% of the distance. I focus on keeping the ball on the ground as much as possible as soon as possible. This skill is accomplished by how we set up for a putt. It is not a hard skill to master, but does take some practice.

As I stand over my putt, I ensure that my ball is just left of center (I am a right handed player). This position is akin to where my left eye is stationed. Then, I forward press my hands so my right hand (bottom hand on grip) covers the ball. When all of these visual cues are in place, then I am in the proper putting set up for my stroke.

A challenge that experienced over the years is that the longer the putt, the greater chance I had to lose my putting position. This failure in technique forces my ball to bounce more than I want, especially in the first 25% of the distance. What happens in my case is that I try to add too much power by breaking my wrists through contact as I speed up my stroke.

I still do this error from time to time, but much less now than in the past. the error now is more mental than technique which is always a challenge. Regardless, I do know what I am suppose to do on longer putts and most of the time I feel confident standing over the ball. This confidence results in a holed putt or at least a reasonable lag putt.

Developing the skill so your ball rolls on the ground during most of your putt is important. I believe that our set up is the key to success. Establishing the proper position while standing over a putt has lowered my scores and I think it will for you as well.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Rolling A Putt That Actually Rolls

  1. Good tips. I notice in the pic that your putter seems nice and level which tells me you have found a putter that fits you well or the way you grip the club leads naturally to it either of which is a great head start.

    I’m a bit toe up with my putter. Something that’s rare on tour today though is was a lot more popular years ago. Toe down is also found on tour. Stricker putts toe down I know. But for the most part, today’s pro’s will have their putters level like you have. We get that either with how we take our grip or with lie angle adjustments to the club. Something I’d like to try someday just to see if it makes me better still.

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    • Kevin,

      My putter is flat for sure. When I bought my new putter a few years back, that was one of the factors I took into account. I found that mallet putters were too upright for my liking. I have never been professionally fitted and doubt I would spend the money at this point, I am very happy with my current putting results.

      Cheers Jim


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