Playing Well at The US Open

I marvel at watching some of the players easily (relatively of course) navigate a course set up by the USGA. The US Open is known for its dangerous rough, lightning fast greens, and manicured fairways. This year at Shinnecock, the USGA has made the course a beast that gives professional golfers fits of anxiety. For an amateur, watching the best golfers in the world seem mortal can be unsettling. Yet some of the players appear to have solved the puzzle and score relatively well. I wonder what their secret is, do you? Continue reading

The Grateful Golfer’s US Open Predictions

The US Open has started. I am a few days behind in my writing, but I thought I would throw my hat into the ring and offer my views on who is going to walk away with the second Major of the 2018. Shinnecock Hills Golf Club is not an easy track and depending on what the USGA does this year, it could be a real beast. Unfortunately, I think the USGA’s setups up this Major to the level of “ridiculous”, but apparently this makes for some great golf viewing. But, I lament on something I cannot control. Anyway, back to my predictions. Continue reading