The Grateful Golfer’s US Open Predictions

The US Open has started. I am a few days behind in my writing, but I thought I would throw my hat into the ring and offer my views on who is going to walk away with the second Major of the 2018. Shinnecock Hills Golf Club is not an easy track and depending on what the USGA does this year, it could be a real beast. Unfortunately, I think the USGA’s setups up this Major to the level of “ridiculous”, but apparently this makes for some great golf viewing. But, I lament on something I cannot control. Anyway, back to my predictions.

US Open Champion. This year’s US Open Champion will be Dustin Johnson. He is an obvious choice and the limb I am on is pretty secure, but DJ is hands down the best player in the world at this time. He won last week at St. Jude and is poised to continue his great play. He hits the ball long and his short game is solid. His success this week will be completely dependent on his putter. How well he rolls the ball on the green will determine his fortune this week.

Runner Up. The player to watch this week is Jordan Spieth. Jordan has been very quiet this year, but he always shows up for the Majors. This weekend he will surprise everyone with his stellar play, but will be chasing DJ on Sunday. Spieth has a great overall game and does not seem to be on anyone’s mind as a possible favourite; but I think he is ready to have a breakout week and a Major tournament is just what Jordan needs to be back on top.

Dark Horse. Tiger Woods is my dark horse pick this week. I am not sure why, but I have a feeling he will be in the mix on the weekend. A top 10 or even a top 5 finish for Tiger will announce to the golfing world that he is back and everyone needs to take notice. He has the game, but whether he can put 4 rounds together remains  to be seen. Regardless, Tiger is my dark horse pick this weekend and he will surprise everyone.

Sentimental Favourite.  If you are not picking Phil Mickelson as your sentimental favourite, I have to ask why not? This is the only Major Phil needs to complete his career grand slam. Unfortunately, Phil plays well the first and last round for most events, but I am hoping he rises to the top of the leaderboard and stays there, however knocking of DJ will be a tall feat this week.

There you have it, my US Open Predictions. I think they are relatively save picks with nothing crazy or out of this world. The US Open is where the great players shine and DJ will be shining the brightest this week. Any thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “The Grateful Golfer’s US Open Predictions

  1. 1st day is over now with DJ on top and playing well. If he doesn’t win, my guess would be Fowler or Reed. Fowler at 3 over with no birdies played strong today. All he needed to lead was a hotter putter.


  2. Jim, totally with you. I have DJ as my favorite as well. I only hope they set up the course so even par for the week is close to winning. Last two US Opens have been disappointing.



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