Just a Golf Thought

Payne Stewart says it all! Hope your week is going well. As you navigate your way, remember to be grateful and share a smile with a stranger. You never know whose day your are making better!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

A Bad Round on the Course is Better Than…..

As you might have guessed, yesterday’s round of golf was terrible. I actually stopped counting (well not really) after the front nine 6 over 42. It was not the score that was the challenge, it was how I was swinging the clubs. Nothing felt smooth or natural. It was if I was fighting the entire round. By the end of 18 holes, I was tired and emotionally drained. Does this sound familiar? Continue reading

Never Let Them See You Sweat!

Do you play competitive golf? I do and I think I thrive in competition. Generally, my game is more focused and my ball striking seems to appear. Does this happen to you or when the heat is on, you have challenges with your game?

Besides being a mentally focused on playing well, I have a positive attitude that transfers to my game once I tee it up. Having said that, playing well over a 54 hole event is challenging and sometimes my execution is not quite up to par. The trick is to not let your competitor see you sweat! Continue reading