A Bad Round on the Course is Better Than…..

As you might have guessed, yesterday’s round of golf was terrible. I actually stopped counting (well not really) after the front nine 6 over 42. It was not the score that was the challenge, it was how I was swinging the clubs. Nothing felt smooth or natural. It was if I was fighting the entire round. By the end of 18 holes, I was tired and emotionally drained. Does this sound familiar?

Well of course it does. There is no way every round of golf is going to be spectacular. For the amount of golf I play, there has to be some rounds that are just not up to par! (yes, I said it!) And yesterdays round was mine.

Now it is time to put things into perspective. Mmmmm…… lets see; I was not working, it was sunny and 23ΒΊ C, I was playing with a good friend and we finished in 3 hours. OK, after examining these counters to a tough swinging day, I had a fantastic round of golf. It really is a matter of perspective and I focused on the wrong things.

Not playing well is something that amateurs contend with on a regular basis. I am not sure the reason or the frequency of the poor rounds, but they do come and when they do, that is the time to smile and be reflective on the positive things relating to golf. It works very well for my psyche and overall disposition. Actually, I cannot image being angry after a game of golf; it just does not make any sense to me.

So, the next time you are struggling on the course, it might help to put everything into perspective. It will change your attitude, thoughts and maybe your score. It is important to always remember: A bad day on the golf course is better than……..

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

13 thoughts on “A Bad Round on the Course is Better Than…..

  1. Jim, your perspective is easier to implement if you play more frequently. The best antidote for a bad round is to play again as soon as possible. For us weekend players, we often have to stew on a bad round for a whole week. I know, it shouldn’t be that way, but it is the more seriously you take your game. What I’ll often do after a bad round is head to the practice tee immediately and try to take something positive home to ease my mind. Not healthy going to work and thinking about bad golf πŸ™‚



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    • Brian

      I definitely see your point. My home course does not have a range, but I have hit the chipping and putting green. I cannot imagine stewing for a week. That would be terrible! I am not sure it is healthy going to work at all, but that is a different conversation. πŸ˜‰


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      • Brian,

        No, there is a swing net I use most of the time. That is the only draw back of my course. If I play lots, I need less warming up. But if I am off for 3 or more days, I definitely need a more extended warm up. How about you?


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      • Jim, I’ve gone to a new warm up routine that I designed to conserve energy for my Myrtle Beach trip. I hit 15 balls. Five SW, five 7-irons, and 5 drivers. The advantage of limiting the number of shots is that I just warm up and resist the temptation to work on my swing. If I hit it good or bad, I’m just using to get loose and keep the faith that I’ll swing it correctly on the course. Keep the faith!


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  2. Round 2 with the new clubs today. Except for 5/6 holes, it was close to perfection. Better than I expected after forgetting my golf shoes. I hate it when I do that. I learned a liitle more about how the new clubs behave hitting from weird lies and while not all of it was good, some of it was, and I think I’ll do better next time I’m in a similar situation. So progress was made. I score it a good day.

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