There are Weather Limits to Golf

As a golfer in northern climes, I think of myself as tough player who is willing to battle the elements at any time. I cannot think of any instance or weather pattern that I have avoided at one time or another. Of course as wet and below zero temperatures arrive, even I have limitations. However, looking at some of the Twitter feeds, I am not sure everyone got the memo! Continue reading

The Blanket of Snow Ends Golf For the Year

All my hopes of sneaking out for one last round is officially over for another year. As the weather started its slow march towards zero, we golfing fanatics always kept that glimmer of hope for a warm front one last time! Well, that pipe dream is in the books for another year.

As I lazily got out of bed this morning, the sun was shining, the air was crisp and as I looked out the window…GASP! A light snowfall had covered the ground!

Snow is Finally Here!

Out My Back Window. First snow of the winter.

As I slowly recover from the shock, my thoughts will eventually turn towards the off-season. I have written about preparing for the off-season before and will likely build on my previous successes. For now, I will lament over the cold days to come and dream of the warm days to come.

In the near future, I will focus on my new training goals for the off-season and my expectations for 2015. For now, it is time to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

AW Come On!

snow treeIt is 26 April and we woke up to this – SNOW!!!!  Normally, I am pretty upbeat but really, come on, when is going to end!  Well actually, it is over.  The weather is shifting and we will be hitting double-digit highs next week.  It really is about time!

This is most difficult time of the year for golfers.  We wait patiently for spring and every day like today is another body blow.  However, we are tough and we will take it without fear because we know the warm weather is around the corner.

I have heard the rumors and stories of when the courses in the area are going to open and I can hardly wait.  I am very confident the driving ranges will be open next week and golf season will officially begin.  So goodbye snow and move over for the warm sunshine of spring.

I am a grateful golfer.  See you on the links!