Uncle, Mother Nature, Uncle

“Uncle, Mother Nature, Uncle”

Well it is the 12th of April and normally we are only days away from golfing. Well, not this year! Mother Nature has decided to extend our wintry weather by providing an additional 30 cm (12 inches) of snow this weekend.

Normally, I am up beat and excited as the warm weather slowly makes it our way, but this year winter is like the cold that just won’t go away. I have golfed in this area as early as 3 April and as late as 21 April over the years. It looks like 21 Aprilish is going to be the winner this year.

Well, I guess it is not worth complaining about so I am going to wish everyone an awesome Friday! I hope your day is full of joy and happiness.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.

4 thoughts on “Uncle, Mother Nature, Uncle

  1. Oh dear. Sorry your season start has been postponed. Over the past month or so we have had some snow and lots of rain but any interruptions to play have been temporary. Hope you get on the course soon! Cheers, Rob.


  2. Ouch…sorry to hear that. I know you are more than ready to get back out there. I made sure to go out today. It won’t be long now before I have to play in a sauna again for a few months and I want to get as many pretty days in before that happens as I can. I got in 32 holes of practice today. And most of them I played with two balls after the tee shot. I was practicing an adjustment I’ve made to lower my ball flight on my irons. It seemed to work pretty well but I need to practice it a bit more. I pulled a few too many with the change. I think I need to slow my hip turn just a bit to fix it but I’ll hit the range this weekend to work on it some more and figure it out. It was a good day for trying it though. There was a 14 mile per hour breeze all day and the lower flight worked much better when hitting into the breeze.


    • Kevin

      Thanks. Good to see you are taking advantage of the blustery weather. Practicing will on the course can be very valuable and offer situations and opportunities that a practice area cannot. Hope your practice pays off in future rounds.



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