A Hole In One on Opening Day!

How would you like to start your 2018 golf season with a hole in one? I know I sure would! My friend Jeff did that exact thing. Although our season has not started, Jeff’s home course of Paragon Golf and Country Club opened yesterday and he took full advantage of playing golf as early as possible.

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Jeff’s hole in one on the 7th hole at the Paragon Golf and Country Club, Kingston, Nova Scotia.

Jeff said he used a 6 iron from 180 yards. It is Jeff’s first hole in one in his 29 years of playing and I hope he shoots many more in the future. As you can see, the day was sunny and cool. I guess he never saw it go in the hole since he as a putter in his hand.

Congratulations Jeff!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

3 thoughts on “A Hole In One on Opening Day!

  1. When I hit mine, I remember not believing my eyes and bringing my putter to the hole too. Mine was the same distance, 181, but I hit a 4 iron at the time (2002) to get there in the breeze. A big, tall, pretty little fade that landed right on a ridge on the green and rode it across from the front about 15 feet to the hole. At 180 yards, with the slope of the green, it can be hard to be sure you saw it go in the hole. Maybe it just rolled off into the grass and the flag blocked the view is what ran through my mind. My buddies (my next door neighbor and a friend from the office) were yelling and screaming immediately and on the phone calling everyone before we even got back to the cart, but I just didn’t believe it until I got there and saw it in the bottom of the cup.


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