Is Rickie Fowler The Real Deal?

Rickie Fowler has been on the fringe of greatness for 5 years. He progressively improves his game and mental strength to compete at the élite levels. Given his 5 under final round at The Masters, the golfing world seems to think he is on his way to greater heights. Personally, I am not so sure there are so many factors!

Before I start into my thoughts, I know my Sister who loves Rickie Fowler. She is one of his biggest fans and dropped me this note on my Facebook Page The Grateful Golfer outlining his star like qualities. Not sure many of those are golf related, but we all follow professional athletes for our own reasons.

I can say with certainty that Fowler has game. Personally, I would like to have his iron play, but others have different ideas:

Earlier, I asked if Rickie Fowler would win a Major or a professional golf tournament in 2018. While 56% say he will win both, I stated I was not sure he would anything. I am still in that corner regardless of his Masters finish. I even covered his successes in 2015, but not winning a Major seems the only benchmark for players of Fowler’s abilities. However, I can say is that I hope I am proven wrong; that Fowler finds that  success. I would never wish him ill-luck, but I am not sure, given his competition, that he reach the tipping point in 2018.

This is a tough question, but what are your thoughts on Rickie future successes?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Is Rickie Fowler The Real Deal?

  1. I have faith in Rickie. He’s still young and has a long career ahead of him. I believe his first major will open the door like it has for many others. He just has to get that 1st one under his belt.

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  2. Jim,

    I think Rickie is the real deal. He may not be a 4 career majors type of real deal, but I’d be shocked if he didn’t win at least one, and many more other tournaments. Like Brian said, jury is still out on him sleeping on the lead…I expect his first major may be a come from behind charge!


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  3. Jim, Rickie certainly had an excellent showing at Augusta. His issues have always been his inability to hold a lead on Sunday. He has the talent and is a great putter but the bullseye wasn’t on his back this time and he played great from behind. Jury is still out on him sleeping on a lead.

    I’d like to think he could win one, and that would take a ton of pressure off him.



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