The Worst Time Of Year – Waiting for Golf To Start!

I have entered the time of year where times seems to have slowed to a slug like crawl. We have about 4 or 5 weeks of weather transition where most golfers in my area check the weather forecast at least three times daily. Personally, I one of those guys hoping that a sudden gust of warm weather magically falls around our region. But alas, that is not the case and I have to just patiently (not one of my stronger traits) wait for spring to arrive in earnest.

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Tips on Playing Spring Golf

Spring Golf Has Its Challenges!

The golf courses in the area are poised to open. They started their spring clean up weeks ago and are waiting for the ground to dry up just a bit more. With sunny weather in the forecast, it will not be long now. But, with the advent of spring, other challenges for golfers arise that affect their game and I am not sure they are really aware of it. So, I thought I would lament on some of the challenges I see with spring golf. Continue reading

Keeping Dry on the Golf Course

It is spring and our course is soaked. As we trundle around from hole to hole, the real challenge of golf is to side step the puddles and quagmires left by the receding winter. This yearly test of agility is eagerly embraced by most golfers. Personally, the wet does not bother me much, but from time to time the soaked ground becomes tiresome. Continue reading

AW Come On!

snow treeIt is 26 April and we woke up to this – SNOW!!!!  Normally, I am pretty upbeat but really, come on, when is going to end!  Well actually, it is over.  The weather is shifting and we will be hitting double-digit highs next week.  It really is about time!

This is most difficult time of the year for golfers.  We wait patiently for spring and every day like today is another body blow.  However, we are tough and we will take it without fear because we know the warm weather is around the corner.

I have heard the rumors and stories of when the courses in the area are going to open and I can hardly wait.  I am very confident the driving ranges will be open next week and golf season will officially begin.  So goodbye snow and move over for the warm sunshine of spring.

I am a grateful golfer.  See you on the links!