A Minor Swing Change That Worked

Trying to find the proper swing is a lifetime quest for any golfer. If we are not tinkering with our swing, than we are just not trying to get better. Of course, I say this with tongue in cheek. Not everyone tries to find that perfect combination of tempo, swing speed and weight transfer to maximize the results from every swing. As a student of the game, I am always trying to find that something extra that will help me gain the slightest advantage over the course. Recently, I adopted a minor change with my driver that has proven to be one of the best changes I have made in years. Moving forward, I can only see positive results off the tee.

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The Golfing Bobblehead

Keeping my head still through the entire swing!

Keeping my head still through the entire swing!

Have you ever had that one challenge that would creep into your game for many unknown reasons? It is the bane of every golfer and when it sneaks into your game, it is hard to identify what this plague is doing to your swing. Well, I am here to confess that my earlier woes were caused by a reoccurring swing fault that creeps into my game from time to time.

I call it the bobblehead syndrome! Everyone once in a while my head is bouncing around like a bobblehead doll. It is forward of the ball, behind the ball, too high, too low or just out of alignment during contact. Yesterday, I realized that my current challenges were cause by my head moving during contact with the ball. I realized my issue on the second tee and through an epiphany, my game changed.

Suddenly, I was hitting most fairways or only missed the rest by a couple of yards. My contact was crisp, the swing consistent and my confidence grew. In 18 holes, I only had two poor tee shots and only walked away with a bogey. Overall, my 79 was pretty solid and I felt I could have easily shot lower.

I want to thank all those who provided positive advice and support. I will take those as areas of improvement as the year progresses. Having a strong resource, like The Grateful Golfer Community, helps improve my game and fuel my desire to improve. For that I am grateful. Thank you.

It has been about 1 month since the 2015 golfing season has started, so, how is your game coming? We all want to know!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!