The Golfing Bobblehead

Keeping my head still through the entire swing!

Keeping my head still through the entire swing!

Have you ever had that one challenge that would creep into your game for many unknown reasons? It is the bane of every golfer and when it sneaks into your game, it is hard to identify what this plague is doing to your swing. Well, I am here to confess that my earlier woes were caused by a reoccurring swing fault that creeps into my game from time to time.

I call it the bobblehead syndrome! Everyone once in a while my head is bouncing around like a bobblehead doll. It is forward of the ball, behind the ball, too high, too low or just out of alignment during contact. Yesterday, I realized that my current challenges were cause by my head moving during contact with the ball. I realized my issue on the second tee and through an epiphany, my game changed.

Suddenly, I was hitting most fairways or only missed the rest by a couple of yards. My contact was crisp, the swing consistent and my confidence grew. In 18 holes, I only had two poor tee shots and only walked away with a bogey. Overall, my 79 was pretty solid and I felt I could have easily shot lower.

I want to thank all those who provided positive advice and support. I will take those as areas of improvement as the year progresses. Having a strong resource, like The Grateful Golfer Community, helps improve my game and fuel my desire to improve. For that I am grateful. Thank you.

It has been about 1 month since the 2015 golfing season has started, so, how is your game coming? We all want to know!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

14 thoughts on “The Golfing Bobblehead

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  4. Tempo has always been my challenge. I swing way too fast. Lessons over the winter have helped considerably and I’m feeling my ceiling is high. Haven’t played often yet and scores aren’t there yet but I’m feeling encouraged this will be a great season for me. Thanks for sharing, Jim.



    • Mike

      I sometimes hum a slow tempo tune in my head to slow my swing down. It is not real song, just a slow melody. Fantastic to hear that you feel your game is in good shape. Scoring always comes later.



  5. Jim,

    It’s great that you were able to diagnose the problem and turn things around a bit!

    My game is steadily improving as well. Showing a lot of promise, just need to start making some putts to score better! Putting is something I haven’t worked on it (our putting green had to be re-sodded), so I’m not in panic mode yet.


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  6. Jim, I walked 18 holes in high 80 degree heat yesterday which was the first hot weather round of the season. No health issues, which I am thankful for. Game was a little rusty from not having played in two weeks, but I’m in pretty good shape for my golfapalooza trip to Myrtle Beach. First round is in 13 days!

    Glad to hear you worked out your ball striking issues. Play well!



  7. Uggg. Played last Wednesday 18 hole scramble and last night 9 holes with the kid (College player) . Swing is gone. Only club with any consistency is the 4 iron. I’m shanking, topping pulling and that’s just all in one shot! LOL! …. After talking to my wise ol’e Dad last night down in Florida we have decided it’s all because of my bifocals. I got new glasses a few months ago and it’s the first time with bifocals so that’s my excuse going forward!

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