Team USA Wins The 43rd Ryder Cup

Team USA won the 43rd Ryder Cup; actually they ran away with the event from the opening tee shot. As I predicated (had to get that in early 😉 ) the make up of the winners team was the perfect chemistry. There was no drama on or off the course. I guess it is easy to ride the positive wave if you are winning. Things unfolded much as I had expected…..well, almost. Team Europe never seemed to get things going on any level and Team USA never let up.

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The 43rd Ryder Cup – Day One

Team USA is out to a very fast start. Winning six points in the first eight matches, they seem poised to make a strong run to win this year’s Ryder Cup. Since 2008, Team Europe has dominated this competition and it far to early to count them out. My friend, Padraig, from Ireland said that Team Europe “look very ragged at the moment, not holing putts to missing greens”. I agree with him, but again this competition is far from over.

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2020 Ryder Cup Team Europe

I want to congratulate Padraig Harrington for being announced as the Team Europe Captain in 2020. Harrington joins the ranks of classy leaders who have led their team to resounding success over the past 10 Ryder Cups. He is a great choice and will bring that special something that teams need to continue winning. Continue reading

Congratulations Team Europe

Congratulations to Team Europe on their win at the 2018 Ryder Cup. Seven points is a tremendous victory and they did it all by being a team and creating the chemistry needed to win. Although Team USA looked better on paper, they did not bring their best game to the course and as such handed over the Ryder Cup trophy yesterday.

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