The 43rd Ryder Cup – Initial Thoughts

Ryder Cup logo

It is Ryder Cup week! Many golf fans are preparing for the fun and excitement as the defending champions, Team Europe, sharpen their game in attempts to win yet another trophy. This year’s event will be played at Whistling Straits Golf Course, Wisconsin, United States. Pete and Alice Dye designed this amazing golf course and playing at just over 7300 yards, it will provide the perfect venue for Team USA to try and defeat Team Europe and regain the Ryder Cup. “Open, rugged and windswept terrain defines the walking-only, links-style Straits course sculpted along two miles of Lake Michigan shoreline” (Ryder Cup); normally, the host country would have home field advantage, but I am not so sure that this will be the case this year. Regardless, the golf is going to be exciting and I am sure not short of pivotal moments.

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The Real Ryder Cup Review for 2016

I am not one for stats in a competition like the Ryder Cup. Each player, regardless of their history have to perform when the time comes. I guess that is the same for every tournament, but a head-to-head event like the Ryder Cup is something special.

During this year’s Ryder Cup, there were three things that made the difference: the Captian’s, the singles matches, and the interaction between player and fans. Each played a significant role as to why Team USA played to victory! Continue reading

The 2016 Ryder Cup – Advice

It is difficult to imagine what is going through the mind of the players preparing for the Ryder Cup. Each will have their own methods of preparing for the most famous team competition in golf! Regardless of how they prepare, it is important that on Friday morning, they bring their A game.

Reading many articles on the Ryder Cup, I can honestly say that there is plenty of ‘white noise’ that might be a distraction to the competitors. Keeping the players focused is the heavy task of the Team Captain and the Vice Captains. Chosen for their experience and understanding of what the players are going through, they will likely offer sage advice, however it is ultimately the job of the players to step up and play well.

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Severiano “Seve” Ballesteros Sota – Golfing Legend

The world of golf lost one of the most charismatic golfers a few short years ago. Severiano “Seve” Ballesteros Sota was the most famous Spaniard to ever play! Known for his creative shot making, Seve was never one to shy away from any challenge. Losing his final battle to cancer on 7 May 2011, he might be gone, but definitely not forgotten!

With 90 career wins world-wide, Seve first appeared on the world stage by finishing second at The Open at the age of 19. His 5 Major Championships (3 British Open, 2 Masters), 50 European Titles, 9 PGA wins and 32 World Wide wins supports Seve’s induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1999.


The special logo of Seve Ballesteros has been emblazoned on the golf bags of the European Ryder Cup team at Medinah

He was an anchor for the European Ryder Cup team for years. More recently, in 2012 and 2014, Seve was a huge inspiration for the Europeans.   “The 2012 Ryder Cup, the first to be played after Ballesteros’ death, saw the European team wearing navy blue and white garments on the final day in memory of Seve, who traditionally wore navy blue on the last day of a tournament. Additionally, the team’s kit also bore the silhouette of Ballesteros after his win at the 1984 Open Championship. The Irish golfer Pádraig Harrington, Nick Faldo and other European players proposed that the PGA replace the image of Harry Vardon on the European Tour‘s official logo with one of Ballesteros (a silhouette of the iconic image of Ballesteros’ “salute”, following his win at the 1984 Open Championship).” In 2014, every European would tap Seve’s picture as they entered the first tee each day. The reverence held by all golfers for Seve Ballesteros cannot be mistaken.

Not surprisingly, Seve was a great teacher as well. He made some teaching videos, which despite their age, are still applicable today. Famous for his short game, it is no surprise that his videos focus on his strengths! Check these out:



Bunker play

Severiano “Seve” Ballesteros Sota was the most notable European golfer for years. His charismatic nature and love of the game was infectious. Although he was taken far to early, his legacy will live on for a very long time!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Whats Wrong with Phil Mickelson?

Phil Mickelson is usually a beast on the golf course.  He is steady, focused, and a fierce competitor!  So what is wrong with Mickelson in 2014?  Is he sick?  Are there outside influences affecting his mental game?  Is he getting old?  Is he trying too hard?  Does anyone have the answer?

Currently, Mickelson is struggling to make the cut at the Valero Texas Open, he only has 4 top 25 finishes in 25 events and his stats do not have him leading in any category.  He has had sparks of greatness, but nothing consistent.  With approach shots like below, he may be starting to turn things around just in time for the Masters!

Phil Mickelson is an enigma.  His style of play is loved and hated by the golfing pundits.  As a younger player he was fearless.  Unfortunately, some of his devil-may-care attitude cost him tournaments.  As he matured and learned from some mistakes; Mickelson understood the importance of picking the moments to press a situation, but never to shied away from the tough shots – as seen by his shot in 2010 Masters from behind the tree.  It truly was legendary!

So what is wrong with Phil Mickelson in 2014?  The short answer is nothing!  He has had a tough start this season; he is not playing to his potential, but in all fairness he has not placed the same emphasis on the PGA Tour’s Western Swing as in year’s past. He adopted new strategy to focus on the Majors and many experts are questioning his decision; however, only success in the Majors will be the true test of his 2014 strategy.

In years past Mickelson played around 20 events a year.  Likely, he will play around the same amount this year.  As a golfing pundit, I predict he will win two events this year: the US Open and one other.  Additionally, much to the disagreement of my European friends the US will win the Ryder Cup at GLENEAGLES, Scotland, on 23-28 September 2014.

2014 will be a banner year for Phil Mickelson.  It may not seem that way right now, but just wait, the season is just starting.  What do you think?

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!