Warming Up Before A Round Of Golf

Do you take the time to warm up before you round of golf? Or do you arrive moments before your tee time and rush to the first tee? I can honestly say that I have taken my time and hurried before a round of golf. I will point out that for competitions, I arrive at least one hour before my round and go through a very focused warm up routine. After watching some professional golfers warm up, I feel that my routine is the right one for my game. In case there is any doubt, warming up is very important to playing my best golf.

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Majority Of Golfers Start Their Warm Up With A….?

If you have 30 minutes to warm up and prepare for your round, what club do you start with to ensure you use this valuable time properly. Do you grab the big dog and let it eat? Or use the flat stick to refine your shoulder movements so you are ready to those pressure putts? Regardless of the club you use, the greatest number of players seem to be like minded and start their warm-up in the same manner. Unfortunately, I am not in the majority on this issue.

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My 2017 Golf Season Starts Today!

Another journey starts today.

The day has finally arrived. After 200 days (yes, that number is correct), I am hitting the links! The long, cold off-season is over and at 2 pm today I am teeing it up with my friends Blair and Rick. Our course has 9 holes open because of the wet front nine and this will be a perfect start for me. Of course I am not planning to just show up at the course and play because that is how injuries happen after such a long lay off,. So, here is what I am thinking. Continue reading

How to Lower Your Golf Score

How to lower your golf score is a claim by most golf “experts”. Everyone has a plan, technique, process, or training aid that will quickly lower your score. Of all the claims, there is one fundamental step that every player has to take to achieve any kind of success. It is nothing complicated, yet without it, very little gains can be made to lower your golf score.

At The Grateful Golfer, I make recommendations on areas that I think will help your game. I make no promises, nor do I believe that each tip will help every golfer. There are so many variables, that I am not sure there is a one tip fix for any game. So how do we lower our golf score to become a better the golfer? Continue reading